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BobK here I'm a newbie to the grp, question is I am presently in process of buying '21 CX5, I will be trading in '18 Crosstrek, I had a CX3 and like the reviews of CX5 I am coming back from Darkside! Drove a '21 Forester did not like start/stop system, car actually made a klunk when you accelerated from a stop. I see this start stop is on the CX5 anyone have any thoughts, is it quiet can it be disconnected? SUB Forester Is terrible! Also any thoughts on differences of CX5 Touring and Grand Touring? Do both trims have Power passengers' seat?
Perhaps you misunderstood what I meant by start/stop, I should have said I-stop here is a link direct from Mazda! Definitely in US.

I-stop is not on recent CX5 US models as far as I know.

The non-turbo models only have Cylinder deactivation but that is something different anyway.


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Hi @BobK, welcome to the forums!

It looks like the link you posted is from Mazda's global website. It would contain and explain technology found in Mazdas all around the world.

This link will be helpful in comparing different trims for US-model CX-5s.

In comparing the Touring and Grand Touring, The Touring gets 6-way power driver's seat with manual lumbar adjustment and manual passenger seat, while the Grand Touring gets 8-way power driver's seat with power lumbar adjustment and seat memory, as well as a 6-way power passenger's seat. The seats are also leather-trimmed on the GT, while they are leatherette with "Lux Suede" inserts on the Touring.

In addition, on the GT, the headlights are different, the side mirrors are heated, you get 19" wheels and tires, plus paddle shifters, 2 extra USB ports in the rear, Sirius XM, a 7" LCD display in the gauge cluster, auto-dimming rear view mirror, Bose audio, moonroof, and power liftgate.

If you opt for the Touring, you can get a $1500 package that adds the auto-dimming rear view mirror, Bose audio, moonroof, power liftgate, leather-trimmed seats, and the upgraded seats.

I-Stop does not appear to be included in any of the current Mazdas in the USA.
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We have istop in Europe in our Mazda. It seems to work better/ more often in Mazda compared to my wife's Toyota Auris/Corolla. Don't know if this is a car taxation gimmick or a real fuel saver.


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It depends on how you drive. If most of your driving entails freeways and non-congested cities, S/S will do nothing for you. If your driving requires a lot of stopping at signs, lights or in slow stop-and-go traffic, S/S can save some fuel. But, most drivers who have actually compared with and without S/S (myself included) see at most a 1-2 mpg improvement. That’s important for some drivers, and may be enough to avoid a CAFE fine for Mazda.