Sport Mode...Again


16.5 2.5awd
It does something to the ecu or throttle mapping, put in manual 6th gear and put on sport mode and don’t change the throttle input...You will feel the car accelerate, take it back to regular mode with the same throttle input and you will feel the car laggy and heavy.


2020 AWD GS Montreal Canada
I don't use the sport mode as I find the normal mode already feels like a sport mode! That being said, I would like an eco mode added to the next gen or even better, 4 modes: eco, normal, sport & sport+ so everybody would be happy:):):):)
2018 CX5
We use sports mode when we need to enter a busy road from a stop. It seems to get us up to speed much faster. (then we turn it off)


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I use Sport mode when I'm approaching a highway merge. Pop it into Sport, car downshifts, let the engine do a little braking while entering the turn, then punch it as I come out of the turn. Always puts a smile on my face.

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