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Protege es 2002
So its the beginning of 2016, and I started this thread to address this issue in a more recent post.

I had been trying to find a fix for the smoking turbo issue on my 1st gen mazdaspeed3. Looked high and low and it seemed the only product I could find wasn't being produced anymore in post from years ago. So I thought I'd share with the community on here

After installed corksport D/P, racepipe, HPFP internals, hypertech tune and their SRI I started to experience this smoking turbo issue.
As y'all may have figured out a oil catch can is not the solution. This problem stems from un-equal pressure on the turbo seals in the K04, and the case's poor design in keeping pressure from building in the block. Enter these guys;
I think the shop is Torq motorsports, out of Washington state near seattle. Not far from Corksport I think. Maybe its you seattle guys that cant get enough of Mazdaspeed's who knows.

Their PCV fix I think was probably originally for the Big turbo guys?? Either way it works, and its 30$.
All my smoking turbo issues at idle are gone. I mean GONE. No more smoking at idle. And my oil consumption seems to have stabilized at a much slower rate than before.
Not only that but the car seems to be running harder. Probably the lack of oil in the gas (which lowers octane) which would cause timing to retard due to knock.
I'm not a hardcore tuner, just someone who can tell you his car is running way smoother and faster.
Gone is the smoke, the oil burning smell, the oil consumption, and my constant anxiety about the zoom-zoom BOOM from knock

Every mazdaspeed owner should call and order one of these units im telling you. My 2 cents (nana)(nana)


2008.5 MGM MS3
2008.5 MS3
Hmmmm, I am a little confused. I just read the info on the product on their website and they are saying that the cause of the smoke is due to aftermarket down pipes.

But, I thought there have been people with bone stock MS3's experiencing the smoking turbo issue.
Protege es 2002
You're correct, a lot of times ppl won't experience the smoking turbo with the stock setup.
I didn't. the smoke didn't show up until I had an aftermarket DP on.
But a lot have the issues with a stock setup, from my research it seems like the system is so on the edge of not working that even the stock setup will burn oil sometimes.

Either way, this product completely stopped the smoking turbo issue.

If you are having oil burning problems try this product first. The best 30$ part you will probably ever purchase
I guess it is worth a try for those concerned with it. Look at my mods in sig. I am running a catless 3" dp/rp, CAI, and HT tune and at 125,000 miles have never smoked. I run Shell Rotella T6 5w40 synthetic and have idle rpm at +200. I think raising the idle rpm is helping with any seal pressure differential. If you have HT or AP or other tuning option raising idle rpm is easy and adds no cost.

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