Smoke for the first time!

2007 MazdaSpeed 3 GT
OK, im at 57,xxx miles with full scheduled maintenance records from 1st owner, plus 45,000 mile service done while I had it. I have only the MazdaSpeed CAI and catback. Read a ton about these smoking turbos but never had any problems...until yesterday. I was running some errands and was only going to be home for a few minutes, so I left the car running. Ive left it idling for much longer times before, but this time she was smoking and stinking! My wife left right after me and called to ask what the problem was because she could see me smoking down the road! I already found an approved speed dealership and am supposed to take it in Tuesday. My concern is that, because it hasnt been smoking since then, they wont see it smoking and therefore wont warranty it. I had seriously considered going with a bnr turbo, after seeing the guys immense knowledge and reputation. I want a daily driver with some balls, and thats it. I know a lot of people have said that the stage 1 is a waste of time, and you can get that much from just a down pipe/intake and cobb AP, but for my sake, I hope they are wrong. He claims the stage 1 is good for 320 AWHP or 350 FWHP. Seems to me that a lot of fully bolted guys have run into reliability issues approaching close to 300whp, oftentimes still with a torque/low range-heavy power curve.
Does anyone here have the experience or knowledge to vouch for his claim of 350 fwhp? As far as Im concerned, for a daily driver, 330 fwhp and a solid power curve is pretty stout for a daily driver, and should mean about 380hp at the crank? A cobb ap and a downpipe would be pretty close to the cost of the stage 1. If they dont fix my turbo, or it ends up going bad again, I'll need at least a programmer to adjust idle, and some type of catch can, as far as I know. Bryan told me that the stage 1 offers a lot more power above 5000-5500, and if it makes a big difference in temps/flow and reliability, maybe its worth it? If I end up keeping the car, I'll be making a decision some way or another.