SkyActiv Oil Analysis Thread

16.5 CX-5 Tour/AWD
Coolant in the oil would indicate a head gasket breach. How's the oil looking on the dipstick, milky light brown at all? How's the coolant look in the radiator and overflow bottle? Any signs of oil slick in the liquid?
Thanks for the list of things to check for, I will be sure to take a look at all of those items that you listed and post an update.
Southwest Ohio
'19 CX-5 diesel
Last of the included "30k miles of free service" on our 2019 North American diesel. I'll be doing service myself from here on out.

Still continues to run fantastic. I love it. Great efficiency and power.

Latest UOA. There does seem to be a correlation between how many miles after a regen cycle and when the oil sample is collected for analysis on how much fuel shows up. Needs some time to burn off the fuel that gets in the oil. I know the two previous samples were not long after regen's and this latest one was hundreds of miles after a regen ...


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