Side rail installation

Getting a CX-5 Sig (if I can find one). The ones I've seen have no side rails. Are dealers generally competent enough to install OEM side rails? Can it be done by me, assuming I have basic mechanical skills? Are third-party side rails better?

Thanks for any info.
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Mechanics are really hit or miss. Mostly miss in my experience. The side rails are fairly straightforward and only require simple hand tools. I don't think you should trust aftermarket as their quality is mostly unknown.
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Yes, you can do them. Super easy bolt on, see this video. It;s good to watch - for more than one reason;)
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Quite easy to install. Better have a torque wrench.
Be gentle when installing the plugs. I damaged one... had it fix it somehow.
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but there was this gem:
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They are easy to install. 3rd party rails can be good but surely there are substandard ones.

There are probably options from makers like Thule, etc that are different than OEM if you need more capability.

My OEM rails were preinstalled but I remove them and store in the garage when I'm not using them. About 10 minutes to reinstall.