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Power source for reversing camera near mirror?


I am installing an after-market reversing camera for my 2011 Mazda 2. It requires ACC/IGN power somewhere near the mirror. I had a poke around the dome light and it appears that this is always live, and not just ACC/IGN 12V. Does anyone have any advice on the best place to wire the camera to? It looks like I might have to run the power cable down a pillar and ferret around under the dash for a source, but I was hoping there would be something more convenient. If the dome light is always live I don't want to wire the camera to it because I'm concerned this would drain the battery (will it?). Any advice or wiring diagrams appreciated.

Mazda Demio, 2011
Get power from the the fuse box on the front, mine is on the left as i have right side wheel, yours i don't know. You can also get power straight from the back up light since they use the same voltage and frankly it wont drain the power as it will receive power only when the back up lights are on. you will also need to run the video cable the same way from the navigation.

I run the wire from the Nav behind the dash, behind the wheel cover ( wheel on the right) down the door pilar, across to the back on the lower frame of the chassis under the back couchin and under the plastic panel in the back of the trunk though the air vent in the jack compartment so i don't drill the frame and i mounted on the bumper above the light. I tried on the top window but gives to much glare due to the LED's

Best thing i ever did on it as i never could get the right distance with it slopping back, now i park in some crazy spaces.
2014 Mazda 2 GX
I took power from the reverse lights for mine. Is the camera mounted in the rear or by the mirror in yours?
Mazda Demio, 2011
My camera is mounted above the number plate in front of the number plate light. I have a square shaped one from eBay with 4 leds.
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