Pace Alventi Tyres

Mazda Akera 2.2DE Auto 2015
Hi Guys

Not sure if you guys are familiar with these tyres, but i'm looking in getting them in 255/45/20. They cost $105 in US currency.

I not a hell driver or long term spirited driver, but a more casual passive driver in traffic and freeway driving at 120/140km/h.

Does anyone have any experience or comments about it. It's also a passenger tyre, so not sure how it will be on a SUV. It's 105W rating

Cash is low on my side and will sell my Michelin Pilot Sport 3 soon.
Mazda Akera 2.2DE Auto 2015
Thanks man, guess I’m going for it, I can get a 5% discount and a $3 saving using a different payment method. So 7% off in total. Buying them tomorrow, hopefully they're decent tyres.


If I was given a choice of Michelins or those, I'd keep the Michelins, save some money and get better tires when you can afford them.