My Clutch pedal sticks to the floor sometimes

I have a 2002 Mazda Protege5, I was driving down the interstate about two weeks back, and in the process from switching to 5th gear from 4th, my clutch lost all pressure and I had to pull over. Blah blah, I got it towed, we replaced and bleed both the master cylinder piece connected to the main fluid reservoir for the clutch and the slave cylinder as well. Everything seemed to have worked great, drove for two days and had zero problems, but yesterday I had been driving, stopped at a red light, went to go put it in first when the light turned green and my clutch stuck to the floor, so I had to turn my car off, manually pull my clutch up, put it back in neutral, start the car and then go and the it drove as if that didn't just happen. It happened again that night and this morning. I know the fluid for the clutch and the brakes are connected, I do have a brake line leak that I'm working on getting fix so I do have to fill the fluid reservoir pretty frequently, I do not know if that has anything to do with the problems I'm having or if it could be something else, Just looking for any guidance or insight it if this has happened to anyone else, thank you!
I think you might have air in the system.
Fix the leak a bleed the clutch again.
So I've replaced the caliper and break line so I no longer have a leak in the brakes, all the brakes and clutch have been blead multiple times and it is still losing pressure, we cant find any other leaks anywhere, I've been told it could be a bad slave and to get another even though the one in there is brand new. It's just odd, I've replaced my master cylinder pump for the clutch, the slave cylinder, and fixed the brake leak and it's still losing pressure. If I hold the clutch pedal down. You can see the slave cylinder fully extend and then slowly go back down because of the loss of pressure.


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2002 MP5
There have been problems with aftermarket slave and clutch master cylinders.

Other guys needed to go with OEM to fix the problem.

You might have to spend the money.

Some guys rebuilt their original cylinders to avoid the crappy aftermarket stuff.