Mazda6 Turbo Short Ram Intake is MAZDA PERFORMANCE!
2019 Mazda CX 5 GT Turbo
Yes, that's right, I'm in MB. My L/100km currently is as follows, to the best of my recollection:

In summer, with AC on: 11.5-13.5
In summer, with AC off: 9.5-11.5
In winter, with heater/seat heater/steering wheel heater on: 13-14.5
In winter, with heater only: 12.5-13.5

I have the display set up to show me the mileage for the current trip upon vehicle shutdown. I fuel using Shell 91 "V-Power" only. This is based on an average of 40km per day, mostly driving to work and back home. I would consider myself slightly more aggressive than the average driver around here, but I don't stomp on it everywhere I go. I also have the Sprint Booster installed (usually set to "Race 7"), and 22x10.5 wheels with 285/35 tires that happen to be a few pounds lighter than the OEM 20x8.5 and 255/50 tires. I think the mileage difference between summer and winter is due to the gas stations switching between summer and winter blends.

After adding the intake, there was a very slight improvement in mileage, but nothing significant. Maybe 0.1-0.2 improvement? In my experience of course, YMMV.
Thanks for all the details. Can you hear the blow off valve when you drive or is it only while driving aggressive?


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Thanks for all the details. Can you hear the blow off valve when you drive or is it only while driving aggressive?
I've found that it's only when you drive aggressively. Skip to 1:10 to hear the suction sound. The clip that follows, I'm just going with the flow of traffic and you can barely hear the suction. The blow off valve is only heard when you take your foot off the throttle during hard acceleration (such as in the last clip of the video).

2019 Mazda CX 5 GT Turbo
I'm actually selling mine. Just don't want to take a chance with the warranty.
Do you think the warranty wouldn't be covered with this on? I might wait a while, I have something similar on my Jeep but it's not turbo and uses the stock airbox.


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It fits the Cx9 turbo.

Hi @CorkSport,
Is there a Heat Shield / Air Box available for the SRI? I own a 2017 CX-9 2.5L Turbo. Concerned about lots of noise people making about sucking in hot air and losing performance after installing the SRI. Appreciate if you could share some insights about this and possibly share few photos of the heat shield/airbox. Thank you heaps.