Lack Of Headroom In CX-30

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So, I happened to pass by a local Mazda dealer and tried the CX30 for size. Oh dear, the headroom is not much better than the 3. I'm 6 feet 2 and my head was only about half an inch below the headliner and this was on the seat at it's lowest setting with a reasonable recline. Going over big bumps or speed humps my head would be hitting the roof. The CX5 is the only Mazda I can fit in for height now. :confused:
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The CX-30 to me, is basically a lifted up Mazda3 hatchback. Getting inside one feels like getting inside a Mazda3 hatchback that has more ground clearance. I don't think they increased headroom that much for this car.
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The tighter head room may only in the Premium Package with the sunroof. It has a pronounced drop in headliner height and the one that's I've seen in the showroom to show all the extra fancy stuff. I just bought one with the Preferred Package (no sunroof) and I have plenty of headroom and I'm 6'-4". Still playing with the seat adjustments but I usually don't like to recline too much.


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The addition of a sunroof takes away a lot of headroom in most cars, unfortunately.

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