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What is VersaTuner?
In a nutshell, VersaTuner is software (Windows application) that can connect to your car and change the way your engine operates to give you more power, better fuel economy and greater control.

How can it do that?
At the heart of each modern car lies an engine electronic control unit (ECU) that governs all aspects of your engine operation. It is a small computer that constantly receives data from various sensors (engine speed, fuel pressure, air pressure, etc.) and sends commands to multiple outputs (injects fuel, ignites a spark or adjusts the speed of the turbocharger). The logic that describes how your engine operates is stored in the flash memory of the ECU and can be altered by VersaTuner. As a result, the ECU will raise the boost pressure, inject more fuel and make any other changes to make your car run faster than before.

Isn’t the engine already optimized to run at max power?
Engines are programmed at the factory to run well in all climates (from Africa to Siberia), high up in the mountains and at sea level and on different grades of fuel. There is also a conservative safety margin to account for differences in build and wear of mechanical parts. Some car makers release different models with the same engine, but rated at different power levels. Quite often, the calibration of the ECU is the only thing that accounts for this difference. Additionally, car owners might allow for higher power levels by physically modifying their cars (like adding a high flow intake or exhaust) or using premium fuel. For all of the above, there is nearly always some spare power that can be extracted from your engine with the right changes in ECU programming.

How do I use VersaTuner?
  1. Install VersaTuner application on any Windows PC/laptop/tablet.
  2. Connect it to your car by plugging one end of the VersaLink USB vehicle interface (or compatible J2534 interface) into a USB port of your computer and the other end into the OBD-II port located near the steering wheel of your car.
  3. Run VersaTuner and follow the on screen instructions to reflash your ECU.
  4. Disconnect the USB cable and enjoy the extra power of your car. The changes persist in the ECU, so you don’t need to keep your laptop/tablet connected.

What else can VersaTuner do?
VersaTuner allows you to:
  • Modify ( flash ) the firmware on your car's ECU for greater performance and control
  • Download, create, edit, share, and flash the included pre-built performance and special purpose tunes
  • Create, edit, share, and flash your own custom tunes
  • Perform real-time monitoring and alerting of engine operating parameters
  • Data log engine operating parameters
  • Graph and analyze your data logs
  • Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) also known as check engine light codes
  • Mask DTCs to prevent them from triggering when monitored equipment such as intake manifold runner control has been deleted from the engine
  • On many platforms, we have added custom functionality that is not available from the factory like Smooth Shift, launch control, no-lift-shift, and MegaSpool which enables spooling large turbos for full boost launches.
We are constantly developing new features to expand the functionality of the supported platforms

Who can use it?
VersaTuner's robust feature set accommodates every level of tuning expertise.
With just a few mouse clicks, first time users can install VersaTuner and flash one of the included pre-built tunes to achieve significant power increases. No knowledge of tuning or automotive engines is required to get started.
Users who are familiar with custom tuning can use VersaTuner's data logging, graphing, and built-in tune editor to create custom tunes optimized for their individual car. VersaTuner's intuitive user interface reduces the complexity of logging, analyzing, and tuning, making custom tuning easier to learn.
Professional tuners can also use the data logging, graphing, and built-in tune editor features of VersaTuner to create fully customized tunes for customers. The easy to use interface helps professionals tune faster resulting in faster turnaround time for customers.

Is it safe?
ECUs are designed to be reprogrammed in the field by dealerships. VersaTuner connects to your vehicle in the same way as the dealer’s diagnostic tool and uses industry standard protocols to access and flash the firmware of the ECU. There are built-in fail safe mechanisms in the ECU that will allow you to repeat a flash even if it fails in the middle of the process.
VersaTuner always backs up your factory configuration first, so you can return your car to stock any time. All the base tunes provided in our online database have been thoroughly tested. When you decide to modify the tunes yourself, always make your changes in small increments and data log the results.

Why VersaTuner?
VersaTuner has been designed to make it stand out from the competition in many ways:
  • Easy to use: all-in-one application for all your tuning needs with intuitive and well documented user interface and easy-to-follow wizards that guide you through the process. No need to remove the ECU, splice or solder any wires.
  • Affordable: no need for costly custom hardware, all you need is an off-the shelf USB vehicle interface, the software can be installed on any regular Windows laptop/tablet/PC.
  • No experience required: use one of our pre-built tunes to get instant increase in power with just a couple of mouse clicks.
  • Wireless monitoring/logging: use a Bluetooth vehicle interface and monitor the performance of your car on a big, full-color touchscreen of your tablet with no wires hanging under the dash. Forget about squinting at small low resolution screens found in other products.
  • Great support and community: we give personal attention to each of our customers and do our best to solve any issues as soon as possible. We are also active members of the car enthusiasts’ community, we listen to feedback and keep adding features that are most wanted.

Want to know more?
Read more about VersaTuner at and check out our user support forum at

VersaTuner on an HP Stream 7 tablet
Connected to a 2011 Mazdaspeed3
Using a VersaLink J2534 interface cable



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