Instrumental cluster question

Hey there everyone,
So iv been trying to change all the hvac/ infotainment screen and cluster lighting from green to red.
I have successfully done the infotainment panel and all the hvac controls.
My issue now is that the cluster is actually green led diodes soldered to the board so I'm kinda screwed there.

My question is for anyone with a 08+ what color does your speedo cluster light up? From what I can see online it lights up white.. but I'm still unsure. So if someone can chime in and let me know that would be appreciated.

I have two plans atm... Either buy this 08 mazda5 cluster I found for $5 and if it lights up white then I can just tint the cluster panel like I did with the infotainment screen to get the red I want.
Or.... I was thinking of trying a mazda 3 cluster retrofit of some sort. From all the pictures I'm looking at online they light up red and the plugs seem to be the same as the 5 and so does the size/shape... I found one for $40 near me and was thinking of trying it. Also have a buddy at a scrap yard is gonna see if he can get me one to at least try.

Any info would help. Haven't seen anyone try a 3 cluster anywhere


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