I have 3 recalls with my CX-30. Liftgate, speakers and electronics


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Unfortunately, no car is immune to recalls. Brand new models typically have a few more "kinks" to work out, even up to a few years into the model's lifecycle.

It can be a frustrating hassle, for sure. Hopefully there aren't any more recalls you'll have to deal with.
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Recalls are better than breakdowns. I had 3 recalls when we owned an '05 (gen-2) Prius for my wife. We owned it for 8 yrs. Never had one failure at all. Just recalls. That shows that the company cares.

On the flip side, I used to own a BMW E39 540iA. It had so many issues that I lost count. BMW never had 1 recall during my 7 yrs of ownership. BMW didn't care. Young people rush in to buy BMWs.
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I’ve had my share of recalls but, as Ceric said, recalls are better than breakdowns. Just got the recall notification for the 30’s rear hatch struts. Mazda Australia tells me the parts will be in right around the time of my next service, so I won’t even have to schedule in a special visit.