Does coil on boot brand matter or not really?

I need help with the coil on boots, there old and might as well replace them with the plugs. I know spark plugs are finicky and u want to run oem or something similar to oem so ill be running the oem plugs, any help on which one of these coil on boots would be best for my mazda or does it not matter? im thinking between the ngk, denso, and the delco. seems odd to me that the ngk is one of the lower priced ones, i thought ngk was basically oem and is usually expensive?



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2010 Mazda 5 Sport
I would go with whoever made the part for Mazda. Those are all good names.

I would definitely check on-line discount Mazda dealers and just make sure they aren't just a little more. I always go with actual OEM through a Mazda dealer if the price is reasonable. And sometimes it is. Just watch for shipping charges.
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