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2018 CX5 SE-L Nav+ 2WD 2.2D 150hp Auto
It might mean cheaper car insurance for Volvo drivers with this 112mph speed limit? Might make Volvo cars less attractive to thieves? This might be the silver lining to the cloud. They'll no longer be used for motorway police cars then?
2018 CX5 SE-L Nav+ 2WD 2.2D 150hp Auto
For goodness sake.

The article says this will be the norm in 2022 per EU standards, when actually shutting off the engine (with the option for different warnings) if you go over the limit will be the law (the article does not say by how much over the limit.)

As one of the article's commenter's stated, causes of accidents are (in descending order):
  1. Distracted driving
  2. Fatigue
  3. Driving while intoxicated
  4. Aggressive driving
Not speed.

This makes disabling the Touch Screen seem like a desired feature, huh?
I sometimes find that No. 4 and excessive speed go hand in hand. (Usually the drivers of BMW or Audi cars) See
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That's a bit of an obfuscation. *Cause* of accidents, maybe not, but it cannot be debated that excessive speed in the each aforementioned will result in greater injuries and fatalities.
It's not the speed -- it's the SUDDEN STOPS!