CX-5 Sat Nav broken and Mazda dealer wants £1200 to fix

Hi, the sat nav in my 2015 CX-5 is broken. Will not turn on, no radio or any other functions. I have taken it to the main dealer and they say the CMU (or something) is dead (part number BAAR 669 C0) and it needs a new one at a cost of £1200. Has anyone else had this problem? I'm thinking about replacing the entire unit with an aftermarket android auto type thing that would cost around £300 if I replace it myself. What are people's thoughts?
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"Stuff" happens.
A working unit from a salvage yard would be the simplest install, 2013 - 2015. You must have the Blose system. It is $1226 here.
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one more vote for 2nd hand unit.
Search around as those cars are very popular in Europe so there must be a lot. Check out ebay uk and ebay de as well. Verify the exact part/model number.
I dont recall if it needs reprogramming to the car though but have some vague memory it doesnt.
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Just to be sure, try holding down the BACK, MUTE, and NAV buttons together at the same time to do a soft reset.

You never know 'til you try. Dealer service departments aren't always anxious to "fix" issues when they can charge big to replace parts instead.
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Check these two fuses.


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