CX-30 93 octane question


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I believe it makes the same amount of horsepower that it does on regular 87, so 186hp and 186tq. It might make a few hp more, but nothing worth the extra cost.

The turbocharged engine goes from 227hp and 310tq to 250hp and 320tq with 93, but you'd only notice the benefit at 4k RPM or higher.
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I've had turbocharged cars before and usually it made a difference so I just started reach out and ask if it made a difference with the normally aspirated engines, thx.
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Only on the Turbo, otherwise none. As for anyone's past experiences, readings, consumer reports, or other 'experts' on the value or not of premium, remember, this is a different story with the Turbo as it really is designed to have different outputs based on the fuel. I'm sure this thread will go off the rails with info on octane, knocking, predetonation, waste of money, engine 'learns', as well as other non sequiturs, but remember this turbo actually is engineered to work different. but for your NA CX-30 - no difference
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I've tried running one tank full of premium in my 2020 CX-5 (normally aspirated 2.5L) and got *zero* extra power out of it. Might be my imagination but I think the car felt even a bit less peppy. I do know it got slightly less gas mileage, which makes actual physical science sense, because premium unleaded (at least the blends distributed around here) contain a higher percentage of ethanol blended in than regular unleaded gasoline and ethanol has less BTUs of energy than the base gasoline.

And the winter blend premium unleaded gasoline in my area (near DFW north Texas) likely contains the full 10% or higher amount of ethanol because I can smell it when filling up, kinda like vodka, and regular unleaded doesn't.

So in my pseudo-scientific, anecdotally-empirically deduced opinionated experience.... if you don't have the turbocharged motor stick with regular unleaded, it'll likely give you both the best performance and fuel economy in normal driving conditions.
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I have had a car in the past run better on mid-grade gas, but never any performance improvements. Just fewer knocks and smoother engine sounds. For my CX-30, I just stick to good ol' 87 octane and it runs fine.
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