Cabin noise reduced in 2020s?


Speaking of cabin noise; the other day I was crawling around under my (new to me) CX-5 and I noticed that the whole bottom is covered in this really wild cardboard type of product. Bolted everywhere even in the wheel arches. I have never seen anything like that in my life! Wild stuff but it seems to keep the noise in the cabin down. I worry that in the long term that moister will get trapped behind this board stuff and cause rust behind it. Has anyone seen that in high mile Mazdas?
Interesting observation that would be great as its own topic. Let’s keep this thread about the question asked by @Luke Thomas :)
I can't speak to the actual difference in cabin noise levels, but Mazda did take steps in 2020 to improve noise isolation. I believe it involves different windshield and side glass material.

Of course, they then insisted on increasing using the "engine harmonics enhancer" (fake engine noise) for 2020 models.


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My 2020 have the same cabin noise as my brothers 2017,- when i drive with open windows 😆 😆
In fact, 2020 is significantly quieter in the cabin compared to 2017.
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According to "MotorBiscuit" (?) I guess they have.

"Another significant change to the 2020 Mazda CX-5 is that it has reduced noise levels for all models. Deputy program manager for the CX-5, Kiyoshi Hayashi, envisioned the next generation of the CX-5 series to be much quieter. To achieve such a feat, Hayashi and his team of engineers worked tirelessly to enhance the performance of the Mazda CX-5. His team made the engines more precise and stable to keep noise levels at a minimum and reduced overall vibration throughout the vehicle."

OP, are you asking because you think the 2019 is too noisy? That said, I would guess a "new" vehicle would be quieter than a "used" vehicle for any brand, or model.
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Not much louder. I test drove a 2018 Mazda 6 Signature and it was pretty darned quiet. Wouldn’t be a factor for me personally between used and new.
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They added oil filled dampers or bushings and changed steering wheel rack mounting on the Mazda6 Turbo models to offer better NVH. Not sure if it made it to the CX-5?