70.00.335 Firmware

Has anyone installed the 70.00.335 firmware that was released May 1? Notice any startup performance or other changes?

It's supposed to address Android Pie issues, though i never had a problem running 9.0 on 70.00.100
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2019 CX-9 GT AWD in Soul Red
I have an appointment this Thursday to get it installed. I can't get a phone with Pie OS to work on mine.
2019 Mazda CX-9 GT FWD
I installed one last week. It seemed to be booting quicker at first, but looks like it's the same after all. Even tried to reset to factory settings just in case.

Apple Carplay still works well. Can't comment on Android Pie as I don't have a phone with one. Tried Android Auto with my old Nexus 6P on Oreo and it worked too.
2019 CX-9 GT AWD in Soul Red
Happy to report that Android Pie works on version .335 of the infotainment software.
Was your Android Pie phone failing to connect at all before .335?

Did the dealer say if anything else has been changed with the update?
2019 CX-9 GT AWD in Soul Red
Yes and no. The phone says that Android Auto is connected, however you cannot switch to the AA system on the car. The dealer was useless, they didn't even knew that there has been an update released until I told them. I don't know what else changed with the update.
The official changelog from https://mazda3revolution.com/forums...ne-carplay-android-auto-all-here-now-253.html

(From V70.00.335C and later)

In the CMU update package, the latest Gracenote database has been included.
The System Update screen menu shows Update package instead of Reinstallation Package. The Fail-Safe Package has been removed.
The brand icon on CarPlay screen has been updated.
Font and location of texts like i-stop, i-ELOOP and average data on Fuel Economy Monitor screen have been improved.
When using SiriusXM Travel Link, block letters of direction are greyed out on the Fuel Prices and Parking screens.
On the Home screen, white stains appear in the status bar.
[MX-5 RF] When talking on BT hands-free, the person on the other end hears strange voices (like an echo).
[Mazda6 (US 2018-2019MY) (Mexico 2019-2020MY)] Center display turns to a black screen because the back light of the display turns off.
In LAS and LDWS setting menu, Rumble appears as Rumbl..
The Display OFF setting is not kept when the ignition is turned off and on before the CMU goes into sleep mode.
When using SiriusXM Travel Link, the subscription status for each service should appear (subscription Information screen has been added).
When using SiriusXM Travel Link, the business hours should appear for parking lots (business hours screen has been added).
If a subscription suspended event occurs when listening to Sirius XM, an incorrect dialogue screen appears instead of changing the channel to Ch 1.
When radio is selected for audio source and a hands free call is finished, the radio sounds for a very short period of time even when it is muted.
After engine start, the screen freezes at the loading status.
If the gear is shifted to reverse to display the rear-view monitor while loading data from a USB device (when USB is selected for audio source), the screen changes to the Home screen instead of the USB audio screen when shifting to drive or a forward gear.
When an artist is selected using voice command for USB audio, the wrong artists album may be selected.
After parking, the current location on the navigation screen may not move until turning the ignition off and on.
[Android Auto used at the south latitude or the west longitude (CarPlay is not applicable)] When ACC is on or engine is running in a location where the GPS signal is unavailable, a wrong current location (Ex. China) appears on applications such as navigation, weather forecast etc. When the GPS signal becomes available, the correct current location appears.
2017 Mazda CX-9
I'll say this much, the move to just a single upgrade file/single-step process for the firmware upgrade is nice. I just updated mine from the xx.100a to this xx.335c, and it was quick and easy.
2017 Mazda CX-9
After using it a couple days, it definitely seems that the MZD boots/launches faster. It also seems like the CarPlay GUI itself is a little smoother, but not so sure about that one. Finally, I can't quite tell if the MZD is connecting/displaying to CarPlay any quicker or not, but it may start working a couple seconds sooner as well.
2019 CX-9 GT AWD in Soul Red
Great, can you please share how to? Do I use the Mazda tool box program I downloaded?
The link on the second post on this thread has the firmware and the instructions from Mazda. No, you do not need to use any special program. Download the two firmware files, put in on an SD card, and follow the instructions.
2016 CX-5AWD GT+Tech/ 2018 CX-9AWD GT
Great, can you please share how to? Do I use the Mazda tool box program I downloaded?
The Mazda toolbox program can be used for Map updates, not system updates.
For a good tutorial on managing system updates visit the link below:


That is the most comprehensive set of online directions available.
Essentially you need to download the update.
Go through the process to clear DTC codes.
Load the update to the CMU
Check to make sure the updates took.
You're done.
2019 CX-9 Grand Touring
I took my CX-9 to the dealer yesterday for an oil change and tire rotation. I also asked that they update the system and provided them with the .335 version number. When they returned the car they said that everything had been done on the work order including the system update. Before I drove away I checked the version and it was still .100. I pointed this out to the service guy and he acted surprised, checked with the shop and thanked me for letting them know about the new version. He then took the vehicle back to the shop and applied the .335 version.

I keep hoping that I'm going to find a competent dealer (any brand). Hope springs eternal but particularly when it comes to car dealers, for me anyway.

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2019 CX-9 GT AWD
Just a shout out to other firmware update newbies-- I performed my first firmware update today on my '19 GT with no drama. I'm fairly technical but I do think it is straightforward if you follow the instructions that come with the update files (post #2 on this thread). Some details:

  • Was previously at v .100, an update I had the dealer do a week after picking up the car (because it wasn't done ahead of delivery as I had requested)
  • Used an 8GB USB stick that was formatted FAT32; I believe it was USB 2.0 but not 100% sure
  • Copied files onto the USB stick using a Mac; I deleted a couple of the invisible files but not all; seemed to work just fine
  • Took about 4 min from when I initiated the update until the progress bar displayed
  • Took about 30 min overall from start to finish

Nothing new here, but just letting others who might have cold feet know that it's not too hard. I'd prefer if I could just pull in to my garage, connect to my home WiFi, and do an OTA update as my buddy with a new Subaru Ascent can do... oh well. My car is way better looking!

Also noticed a June update to the maps, for those that use built-in nav:

2016 Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring
Congrats on the update! I've updated mine a couple times now, including one to install CarPlay. No problems at all.

I saw that my 3-year availability for map updates had arrived about the same time as that update came out so I figured I'd better grab it. I haven't noticed any real changes EXCEPT there are a few speed limit *errors* on my short commute now. I'm kind of bummed that I updated and now I have to look at "30mph" on my way in when the posted speed is (and has been) 45. :-/ YMMV
2020 CX-9
Quick question. Has anyone tried installing a firmware that was for another region? Does it break anything?
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