2023 CX-5 Spy pictures


Whatever the design, there will be those that love it and those that well...Dislike it...:LOL:

Said it before and I’ll say it again, I have faith in Mazda! 😁
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New rumor has it that...
New 2022 CX-5 will debut in LA Auto Show which was postponed to Nov.19th this year due to Covid. The spy shot was the new CX-5.

CX-50 will be lower and longer by a few inches and produced in Alabama factory, together with some Toyota models.

Of course, do not believe in everything you read from internet. :)
It looks like a new FWD CUV will be built at the Alabama plant and is coming soon. I would think this is the 2022 CX-5.

"Continuing on, the company said that it has moved to Skyactiv Technology Phase 2 with the 2018 launch of the MAZDA3, evolving the architecture to enable multiple solutions for EVs. The MAZDA3, CX-30, and MX-30 smalls have systems that can handle 48V mild hybrids, EVs, hybrids that use rotary engines as generators, and plug-in hybrids. The "new SUV" to be produced at the plant in Alabama is also being prepared with this (engine) transversely mounted multi-solution architecture. "