2020 GT • Passenger Side-curtain airbag deployed


Ballistic Reentry Vehicle
2020 CX-5 GT PP

Just slid in the snow taking a left turn at slow speed, 2/3 of the way through the turn, and curbed both passenger side wheels at a glancing angle.

Didn’t feel like a hard impact but my passenger side side-curtain airbag deployed; destroying the headliner in the process.

No passenger was in the vehicle, but I was carrying a bag of groceries on the front passenger seat yesterday and had buckled the seat belt around the bag to keep it from falling over. Seem to have forgotten to unbuckle it. Otherwise, the seat was empty. Assumed occupancy was based on a weight sensor but never thought about it that hard.

This happened just before pulling into the parking lot at my apartment complex.

My first task (when the snow ends) is figuring out how to remove the airbag so I can see out the right side of the car.
Any ideas?

Second task is killing myself because I still don’t even have 7,000 miles on the thing; and was going to switch insurance companies tomorrow.


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Ballistic Reentry Vehicle
2020 CX-5 GT PP
I don't know why you'd take it to a Mazda dealership. Read reviews to find the best body shop close to you, and then tell your insurance that's where it's going to be repaired.
I don’t want any problems down the road that Mazda can say isn’t there fault when it comes to any potential warranty service. Car is only seven months and not quite 7000 miles old.

And honestly, online reviews are so manipulatable, I’d be going in blind regardless. Just moved down here. Don’t have any preexisting relationships

Insurance company had their recommendation. I said I wanted it going to the dealer (different dealer from where I bought it ... maybe they might want my business instead next time around).

Anyway, car needs a couple side-impact airbag sensors replaced, airbag, headliner, A-pillar trim piece, two new wheels, replacement of suspension parts front and rear (a couple bent control arms but they are swapping out everything else in the area just to be sure. Then they have to test and recalibrate all the automatic driver assist and safety systems tech.

Nearly $6,000 in all.
That was one angry curb.
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2018 CX-5 Sport
On the positive side, you don't need any body work or paint job. Your car will be factory fresh with the new suspension parts and wheels, and maybe your insurance won't go up.
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