2018 CX-5 GT Chrome Trim Question

2018 Mazda CX-5 GT
Can someone please tell me what material the chrome trim that runs under the side windows is made out of? Is it chromed metal, or chromed plastic? The reason I'm asking is because although the car is less than one year old, I've noticed some tiny rust specks on the side trim. I've also checked the chrome trim around the front grill and found no such rust, so I suspect the spots on the side trim might just be from brake dust. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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I think it's chromed plastic, but you're correct in assuming that the specks are rail/brake dust. Almost all brand new cars accumulate this dust/fallout on their way to the dealership lot. Grab a clay bar kit from your local auto store and go to town! You can also buy an iron remover like CarPro IronX to knock down the fallout build up, but the clay bar will get rid of the contaminants causing the spots that look like rust. You can then add some protection from the brake dust in the form of an easy-to-use spray sealant like Turtle Wax Seal n' Shine.