2013~2016 2016 Vibration while driving. All CX5 like this?

I just purchased a 2016.5 GT AWD... After driving 4 different CX5 on test drives i noticed all seem to have a shimmy or vibration at higher rates of speed especially under acceleration. anything past 65 or 70mph it's very noticeable when on the gas....once you let off the gas the shimmy isn't really present as much...you can even see the passenger seat shaking a little. Most of these cars have great tires to new tires and some had just been balanced. Is this a common thing on CX5's?? would a high speed tire balance be beneficial. FYI, after my first car (1986 626 Turbo coupe) this CX5 is amazing overall. thanks for you input and advise.
I have found that both the first and second gen Cx5 is sensitive to any imperfection in a tire. Whether it be balance or road force.

My wifes 2015.5 gt had a vibration above 60mph since day one. I Had the dealer rebalance once and it was only slightly better. After about 10k miles I had them rebalanced at a local shops and there was a big improvement. Im thinking they were still out of balance after the dealer rebalance and that there was a high road force on one of the tires that improved after a few thousand miles.

My 19 gtr had the same issue but worse until the dealer replaced the toyos with Michelins. This was after they swapped wheels wih another vehicle on the lot. When they checked the road force on the toyos it was over 30 pounds, which is unacceptable, so they didnt question putting the Michelins on.

I purchased a new set of winter wheels and tires for my gtr and after multiple road for balances(all below 18) and a replacement tire, there is still a vibration.
Thx. I'm at discount tire now as they do the road force balance...the tires on car in some cheap Milestar but have great tread....hate to drop $900 on new tires if balance is the only issue


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Discount tire has road force balancer?
At least in my area, we have only Americas Tire and I haven't seen any fancier balancers there.
Every time I go there I need to go back and complain about their bad balancing job.
I should be going back even now, but I don't have time for that.
I tell them upfront about this issue(every time they screw up), that I'm having a bad balancing every time I'm going there and still, when I leave from there, the balancing job they did, sucks.
Next time, I will try another shop.
Well that was definitely the problem after getting Discount Tire to use the road Force balancer the car at 80 90 miles an hour ride smooth glass... Thanks for your input