2008 Mazda CX-7 AUX/USB connection (with factory NAV, Grand Touring trim)


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Hello Everyone,

I purchased an used 2008 Mazda CX-7 Grand Touring edition. Personally I love everything about the car. I have great sound system (9 speaker Bose) in the car but there is no AUX/USB connection for my personal music. FM transmitter obviously gave me really bad sound quality.

On YouTube I saw you could connect the AUX connection at the back of your music player (there is a 9 PIN connection) but my question is how can I connect the AUX/USB connection for my Mazda where I have the factory touch screen navigation system.

Thanks in advance. Hope you have a great day...:)


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I am in the same boat as I just bought an 07 on Saturday! I looked at a new head unit but that's 400 bucks I'd rather spend on an intake..
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Guys I did a lot of research, check here. All the pictures in the original post are broken, so I found from the web cache, here show you how to do it for the ones with/without factory NAV.

Many people did it successfully, I have a 2007 cx-7 with factory NAV, I am waiting my cables and not done yet, but once I got the cables I will do this.

web.archive.org/web/20130412030344/http://www . mazda speed forums .org/forum/f128/56k-no-way-how-install-jack-mp3-63593/

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Easy, although a bit scary the first time you do it... but take a deep breath and do it, it's easy and I don't think you can really break anything. This is how you do it:
- First off, I'd say buy a unit with bluetooth, that way you don;t have to monkey around with a jack, and you will have phone on your CX-7. Did it, awesome. It ironically also provides 100 times better sound quality than a CD and radio on the Sports... go figure.
- You pull the outer grey trim all around the radio area and AC controls. There are a few videos about it. This one is pretty good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRE0xvh8L3I&t=72s. One advice: start from the bottom, not from the side
- I would put the auxiliary cable in the glove box; if you want an auxiliary cable (why? Bluetooth is so much easier)
- I ran my mic to above the speedometer. Works great.

Good luck!