2.3 na engine build high compression


mazda 3 2007 cai,rkm ss,adv. timing mod.....
Ok so it happened i spun a rod bearing...now im doin a build i just am unsure of the outcome or how much cash.im pouring in i need help..so far ive got supertech 12:1 pistons since in texas we have 93octane, some rods out a speed3 since rhey.are forged im stayn na i figure they should hold up then ive got supertechs overhaul kit for the head...wisbloro or whatever its called fuel pump...list is still goin im not doin oversized stayn stock bore..arp head studs and.acl bearings...i mean i see these.focus dudes gettn.300 off a tune im lookn at hittn 215hp with whatever map comes wit da piggy back also gettn my cams grinded down for a bit more aggression...would i need new injecters or would my stockers give enough fuel? Someone that knows what they.r talkn bout pls comment this if u r jus adding ur 2cents bout what u think u k no dont comment jus show support i need sum good answers noone has really done an.na.build.i wanna be an example to show u dont n eed a turbo to keep up lol i need help i kno what im doin jus kinda get sketchy at sum points..pls help cuz im already taking the car apart