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    Mazda 2 DE factory cruise control retrofit

    Required parts: * Factory cruise steering wheel buttons * 4 pin brake switch (Mazda part # BN7N-66-490) * OBDII adapter (ELM327 compatible - most OBDLink adapters fit the bill) * Windows laptop * FORScan v2.3.16 (later versions may work, but this one is confirmed to) Extended License (pay or...
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    Swaybars & torsion bars - Corksport, Racing Beat, or other?

    Hey all, Planning to buy a sway bar setup for my 2, and looking for experiences / impressions of the Corksport and Racing Beat sets from folks who have installed either or both. Also if there's another set out there that would be recommended as an alternative, I'm always open to that as well...
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    How To: Install Redline Goods leather armrest cover on OE armrest 0000-8D-P10

    This leather armrest cover by Redline Goods is designed to fit the OE Accessory armrest 0000-8D-P10 for 2011-2014 Mazda 2. I'll post a link to the product once it's listed on their website. Tools required: Philips screwdriver Philips screwdriver bit or stubby screwdriver Leather safe glue...
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    Redline Goods leather armrest cover

    Hey all. Recently picked up a used 2014 2 GX with the OE armrest (0000-8D-P10) and wasn't thrilled with the stock vinyl covering, so I disassembled it and sent the cushioned portion to Redline Goods ( for them to create a leather cover to match the shift boot I...
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    OEM lowering springs

    Anybody have any experience with the OEM lowering springs? In the market for some springs and the idea of a manufacturer supported part on a car with factory warranty remaining is certainly attractive (not that I'm anticipating issues if I go aftermarket, but it's one less variable). MSRP...