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    2016~2021 2021 CX-9 Changes

    Here's a youtube link to a first glimpse of the carbon edition cx-9. Get a better idea how the poly metal gray looks and also the interior red seats.
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    2016~2021 How to: Off the shelf intake valve cleaning in a can 2.5T

    Thank you for this thorough write up! I've been looking for a better inlet other than the charge pipe after the air filter. It's such a long route going through the turbo then all the piping and through the intercooler till the valve. This inlet you mentioned is much more direct to the...
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    Cold Air Intake / 2016-2019 CX-9, same engine bay?

    I have the axelback Corksport exhaust installed and was thinking to complete it with the midpipe section. Speed3chris1 what was the reason you didn't also install it?
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    Cold Air Intake

    I would caution on bring your vehicle in for warranty or routine maintenance work with the intake on. It can vary from one dealer to another on what is consider "voidable". To be safe I would swap it back to stock before taking it in. Also as a side note the Corksport intake which I also...
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    Guide: 2nd Generation CX-9: Aftermarket oil catch can installation

    Like Sm1ke, I also checked on my different catch can install and with the same result. It was bone dry with a hint of oil smell. My mounting point is next to the fuse box which is higher than the engine. I'm wondering if the blowby has enough force to make it through the hose and all the way...
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    Guide: 2nd Generation CX-9: Sequential LED turn signal installation (side mirrors)

    Thanks again Sm1ke for introducing me to this mod. I received the indicator today and installed it in a little over a hour. The hardest part for me was actually not removing the mirror itself but the outer casing. Those tabs was on tight and every time I managed to loosen one as I moved onto...
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    Guide: 2nd Generation CX-9: Sequential LED turn signal installation (side mirrors)

    Awesome looking mod! I'm planning on doing the same. Any chance you can do a quick vid on just removing the mirror part? No biggie if you can't, I think I can manage it. Just a quick question, when you mentioned pull from the back and not from the side, are you saying once the mirror is turned...
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    Guide: 2nd Generation CX-9: Aftermarket oil catch can installation

    After 4k miles it was almost bone dry with the original catch can. Maybe a slight oil film but not enough to even bother wiping the inside before putting it away. Either the OEM oil separator is doing a very good job or the old catch can wasn't doing anything.
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    Guide: 2nd Generation CX-9: Aftermarket oil catch can installation

    I've just swapped out my catch can (the same one as sm1ke without the bronze filter) with one similar to silly wabbit with a bronze filter and bigger baffle. I'll see if it actually makes a difference and start catching oil after a few thousand of miles.
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    HUD - Adaptive Display

    Its too bad it remembers those settings but doesn't for the side mirror. Or does it for the 2019 models now?
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    Second gen / 2018 Mazda CX-9 2.5T - knocking sound after shutting off engine

    I can definitely hear it in the video. It almost sounds like someone fell down the stairs in the distant background. Does this sound occur every single time you shut off? Or just in cold weather? I can say I never heard that sound when I shut off but then again it doesn't get cold here.
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    iPhone 8- cant get text messages to display in infotainment screen?

    So my iPhone 7 had the same issue where I noticed the iMessages were no longer displaying on the Infortainment screen. It was working fine before but I normally don't text with iMessage so I'm not sure when it stopped. I went looking into the settings of the phone and what fixed it for me was...
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    Corksport exhaust

    I've reached out to CorkSport and inquired about purchasing just the axelback portion of their exhaust. They responded with currently they don't sell it separately from the mid pipe. However if there's enough requests from the Cx-9 community, they're willing to offer it. So if there's any...
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    CorkSport Intake CX-9 2016+

    I'm also interested in their exhaust too. I was hesitant to spend 1200 until I hear more first hand experiences. When you said you just used the axel back portion, are you mounting it to the oem mid pipe? And it mounts with out any modification to the flange that connects the two? If so, I...
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    CorkSport Intake CX-9 2016+

    Guess where I got the catch can install instruction from? Thanks to your post! (cryhard) I only put about 1k of driving since the install. The last I checked was around 800 miles and it was also dry inside. Maybe the oils catcher that already exist is more than adequate? I don't mind having...
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    CorkSport Intake CX-9 2016+

    CorkSport recently released an intake for the Mazda 6 2.5T which also works for the CX-9 2016+. Looking at their website, the intake was dynoed to produce 8 to 12 more HP and with the added surprise of the turbo and bypass valve sound. Here's the their video of the product in action...
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    2018 CX-9 GT wrapped in Avery Dennison Carmine Red Vinyl - Progress Journal

    Amazing work! I hope you get a few brownie points from your wife.(kiss) Looking forward to seeing some after photos!
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    Front and Rear Bumper Trims

    $339 is a good price if it includes shipping. On their website it states free shipping but excludes oversized items. Not sure if these items falls into that category.
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    Front and Rear Bumper Trims

    The trims arrived yesterday and I was able to spend 20 mins today to install both the front and rear trims. The installation was very easy with a some minor drilling to the underbody panels to attached the two extra trim clips. The only disappointment was the material is of ABS plastic. For...
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    Front and Rear Bumper Trims

    Yea seems pretty straight forward. I've installed body work accessories on previous cars and this doesn't appear to be difficult.