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    Havoline oil w/ Moly?

    I'm going to stop using my dealer for oil changes but I want to keep using the same brand and type they was using. 2014 CX-5 2.5L with about 60,000 mile. On the dealer invoices it stated HV0W20 SYN OIL CHEVRON. So I don't know if the dealer oil had Moly in it. What would you guys best guess...
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    Quaker State Ultimate 0W-20

    What do you guys in the know think about this oil? Thinking of buying some as it is on sell this week for $2.99 / Qt.
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    TomTom locked up

    It not completely locked up, I still can operate the controls but it does not know where I at, that's the part that is locked up. I have restarted the car a couple times now and still the same. Anyone else have had this happen?
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    300 miles and battery died

    Well was loving my new CX-5 GT. But after 12 day and less than 300 miles my car wouldn't start. Parked it 2 days ago and today loaded up the family and the baby in the carseat and pushed the start button, no key it said. Looked in my pocket to make sure I had the right key FOB, I did, then I...