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    Steering issue

    You can try rotating your wheels to eliminate the tire from the possibility.
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    Anyone with a CX-5 have any significant time in a CX-30 for comparo?

    For the moose test, the cx-30 did it at 74 km/h and the cx-5 did it at 77 km/h. Not a big difference.
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    2016~2021 2021 CX-9 Changes

    I also can’t figure out why canada would get a different infotainment than the U.S. But honestly not a big deal for me at all. The infotainment or “tech” is absolutely not on my priority list when I am shopping for a car. That is even more true nowadays when most people will just use apple...
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    Anyone with a CX-5 have any significant time in a CX-30 for comparo?

    A lot more as to do with the suspension tuning than the actual type of suspension. You can tune a torsion bar set-up to be pretty good. I have no doubt this mazda 3 and cx-30 will out handle any of the torsion bar prius and corolla of the time. and even Corolla’s without torsion bars handled...
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    2013 CX-9 Front AC Not Working

    Check the blower motor resistor first. It is a lot cheaper and easier to replace and can have similar symptoms.
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    Can you make the door auto lock sound louder?

    There is a setting that can be changed through the infotainment screen for "Beep volume when locking/unlocking" I believe it is under the vechile sections of the settings. It is on medium by default. That would probably change the auto lock sound as well.
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    Steering issue

    brakes would be my first bet as well if it only happening when braking.
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    CX-9 review

    +1 for savagegeese. I don’t agree with all his views on the CX9, but the quality of his reviews are outstanding.
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    TPMS Sensors

    I don't know about 2020s, but my 2018 just has the light on the dash. I run my winter rims without TPMS without any issues.
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    2021 CX-30 LKAS

    Sm1ke is correct. I tested my dad's 2020 honda CR-V and in the Honda it is definitely lane trace. The car literally steers itself between the lanes. In my 2018 mazda cx-9 Lane keep assist is only a lane departure warning system, it beeps and vibrates and gives a little nudge back towards the...
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    Very disappointed with Mazda CPO warranty

    Here is the link of the TSB with pictures of the cracks
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    Poll: CX-9 Folding Cargo Tray: OEM vs Husky vs ?

    Great reviews. It is nice to see the comparison of both side by side. I honestly thought the Husky would fare better, I have the first and 2nd row and the fit is perfect, so I would have expected the cargo liner to be the same.
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    Help needed, my lift gate is Open/Up but locked

    Check your manual? I think there is a manual release hidden on the interior side of the liftgate. That could potentially work to release the lock.
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    AWD Systems Comparison With Europeans

    Well the goal of GVC is not really to prevent understeer, it is to smooth out the weight shifts that causes drivers correction mid turn initiation. Not really for handling improvements per say but more to improve the feeling of it. But if we take the question at face value, it doesn’t matter...
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    AWD Systems Comparison With Europeans

    Understeer happens when the front wheels lose frictions ( wheels are turned but car keep going straight). One way to increase friction is to increase the weight on the wheels, by shifting the weight forward on the front wheels.
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    2017~2021 Undocumented and Squirrelly Door Lock Features - 2020 CX-5 Touring AWD

    Just for further info, all Pdf versions are also on the mazda canada website. Scroll down to where you can select the model year, choose your year and click on download pdf.
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    2017~2021 Undocumented and Squirrelly Door Lock Features - 2020 CX-5 Touring AWD

    I don’t know if it’s common knowledge but in canada we have digital manuals which i find is easier to navigate and do searches in. It is not just a pdf version.
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    Very disappointed with Mazda CPO warranty

    Honestly, a different dealer can make a whole difference. I once visited 3 ford dealership asking to do a transmission tsb, i had given up until i had to visit a ford dealer out of town for another issue. I asked and they did the TSB free of charge without even flinching. so for me i would...
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    Very disappointed with Mazda CPO warranty

    It says so right here: “The Mazda Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty covers any repair of a defect in material or workmanship (except wear and tear), unless excluded in the "Parts and Service NOT covered" section” key word is “any”. The list of item after In the document is only applicable...
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    Very disappointed with Mazda CPO warranty

    That bad experience in my opinion is mostly unique to the states. In canada, the service is up to par with the competition. I think it is a bit the vicious circles of poor sales in the U.S., not many good dealers want to become a mazda dealership because the sale volume is low. So mazda ends up...