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    WTB: Split Second controller, FMF, etc

    Greets! yes, its been awhile.. Fixin to do a build, need some bits NIB Manley platinum pistons/rods/bearings Fidanza flywheel exhaust mani BNR s4v2 cam buckets chief wiggum and wagon man still around?? hehe
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    HYPERTECH programmer - No Longer Available

    HYPERTECH programmer Hypertech Tuning module, with original box,disc,stickers etc. The unit has been flashed to the latest firmware with the Idle speed option. case isn't pristine, but looks way better after I wiped it off. See the pic in the box. Other pics taken in car to show that it...
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    Progress RSB for Mazda3 2004 and up - SOLD

    Progress RSB for Mazda3 2004 and up So I bought this bar 6 years ago (hard to believe, tempus fugit) And hit the fail button, it turns out its the model for a regular 3.......noob But really felt ok ish I discovered the mistake when I put fresh bushings on it last year. about 3K miles on...
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    accessport V2

    got one? know of one? Lemme know
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    Bnr s3

    got one, know of one? lemme know
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    Booost spike

    Hey These are log graphs from the torque app, which I have used in the past, and recently, since the dashhawk is unsupported, all the time As you can see, its reporting boost peak of 33, tapering to like 28. The shape looks correct, any thoughts? I also have a kinda detonation like grungly...
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    My Baby just wrote me a letter

    yes, merge, stat
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    post an opinion on this pic

    My car exploded and caught fire shot his last nite comin home from Mom's house after 20 min at 78 mph I'm smellin a stuck thermostat
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    HEY WAKE UP,, BC users

    OK, if you have not done so recently, go outside now and check your ride height I was convinvicened I had a bad right rear spring ACTUALLY I had my left front strut walk itsellf out a 2 and a half inches spring perch was tight, the locking collar for the ride hieght let go NEEDS be...
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    grrr more work to do

    car didn't look right as i was comming back from a dog walk got out tape measure check fenderwell heights (to lazy to type fractions) DF=26.25 PF=26.125 DR=26.625 PR= 25.5 now I need to see why I be saggin in one corner might also be why it dont quite feel right
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    clacks, crunche,s and grumbles

    each cv boot recieved a small tube of grease via a judiciously placed needle the plug continues in place, (read year+old post) but minor weeping is noticed life goes on dunno what is the culprit BC strut failure, cv joint dryness, ms3 pouting phase BUT something aint quite right in low...
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    what antenna choices do I have ??

    I have been hatin the stock antenna for along time, really only use the radio for NPR click and clack, so, any good replacements, shark, sirius pod thing, plug it and screw it?? unusuallly, I need a prod as always, all comments welcome oh, Black Mica FTW
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    HEY<< WAKE UP My car has a miss under boost

    GRRRRRRRRRR because of BRRRRRRRRR effin 56 degrees this am, and the golf shuttle system pops an oring get above 3K (like always) roll in and boost hits and uggh ughnn ugnn ughnn WTF Im thinnin the nice cold air, and my freshly topped off LA IC tank brought the combustion pressures up...
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    soooo, Sleeepy

    kinda nice only checkin the boards ever couple weeks or so and not missin anything crickets.................
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    Feeling even Bluer than normal

    My wally was having a clearance during remodel, and I added some more .... mood enhancers
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    need help with cabin buzz

    been relatively blessed with minimal clunks creaks etc, but, of late I have picked up a persistent buzz coming from the drivers B pillar, just under the belt support. anyone fixed this one yet?
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    Heres an odd occurance

    I changed oil yesterday, and while I was out there I figured I'd add in some more LED's, and dab some epoxy on a couple that the heat had caused the 3M stickum to fail. I'm rockin the jams, and duckin in and out of the house watchin the Itailian gran prix ......... run the battery down now I...
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    Anyone with 20K + on the ford tranny juice ?

    You know this stuff creeps up on you, slow degradation, you compensate without noticing. I cant remember how many miles i had when i put in, somewhere between 40-45 65 on the clock now and i Think i detect a bit more notchiness Kinda broke now, am i imagining it? anyone else with 20K+ and...
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    wiring help needed

    Have a rear view camera installed, just got it physically in last nite, it needs 12v and I dont want to run the power lead all over the place. From the bundle of wires under the trim fascia on the rear hatch, which wires would be good for running the camera? The back up lights are the...
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    Has anyone figured out how to shutoff that incessant damn beeping when the door is open ?????