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    Battery went completely Dead. Jump-started, now engine is shaky and weak?

    Hey all. Accidentally left the trunk open for 3 days straight and battery went completely dead. Tried a battery jump-starter and wasn't strong enough to power back up, so I got jumped from my neighbors car. I let it run for 20 minutes and took it for a spin, Right away, I noticed the car is...
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    Yokohama Geolandar G91A 225/65/17 tires for sale!

    Only 12k miles on them! Have 3 for sale. Inbox me if interested
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    Purchasing new tires from discount tires for my AWD cx-5. Which do you recommend?

    Hey guys, So yesterday I drove over a box knife, which punctured my tire beyond repair. I'm at 13k miles and I can either buy one tire and have it shaved down or buy 4 new ones. I'm opting towards 4 new ones because the stock tires would probably only have a good year left on them. Discount...
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    How to replace air filter in the CX5

    After getting my oil changed last week, I was notified that it was time to get a new air filter. The company was going to charge $25 but since I can buy cheaper, I figure I would just try to see if I can do it my self. First off, where is the best place to buy an air filter for the CX5...
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    Free oil change under 2 year warranty?

    I'm due for my second oil change (got my first one free at Mazda) and I am wondering if your car came with free oil changes for the first 2 years? I know this is fairly common with many car brands. Before I call and ask, I wanted to see what everyone else had to say!
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    Looking for some tips on how to buff out scuff marks on my plastic interior.

    Took my car on a 2 week road trip with some friends and my interior took a bit of a beating. Mainly the plastic interior is scratched up. The plastic on the inside of my trunk ended up with the most damage. There are several gnarly scuffs/scratches (from a plastic ice cooler rubbing against it...
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    Got rear ended yesterday! Damage is barely noticeable. What should I do?

    Yesterday it was raining quite hard outside and the woman behind me ran into me. It was 100% her fault and she acknowledged the fact that it was. She was freaking out because it was her second accident (her fault) in the last month) so she was afraid of her rates/losing her insurance. She...
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    Mazda Cx-5 touring won't start?

    Today before heading to work, my car wouldn't start. The brake pedal was locked and there was no sound of the engine starting at all. The car's audio and lights turned on, so it's not a battery issue right? Does the radio and lights turn on still even if the battery is dead? I finally got the...
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    Selling stock sound system

    I am replacing my stock sound system in the next few weeks. Is anyone interested in buying the stock speakers? I didn't post on classifieds because I am not sure of the price yet..just seeing if there is any interest.
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    Is gloss needed after dipping rims?

    Hey all, About to dip my rims black for the first time. Will they look dull with just plain black plasti dip or do you think I will need a gloss coat over it?
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    Went over some potholes..

    Went hiking today and ended up driving in some back gravel roads with Huge potholes around a foot deep. I tried to avoid them all but went over some pretty hard. Should I be worried about any damage to my car? Is there a way to tell if anything got damaged?
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    Question regarding speaker size

    I've been reading through the forum and found out that the 2016 Bose sound system has 9 inch speakers. Does anyone know the rear/door/dash sizes for the Touring version (without the Bose sound system)? After doing some research online, I want to get these pioneer speakers...
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    "Break in" period?

    I was wondering if any of you guys drove you car cautiously for the first 700 miles? I know cars used to have a break in period where you wouldn't drive above 60 mph. I asked my car salesman and he said the Mx-5 has a break in period of 700 miles. Should I stay under 60 mph during this time or...
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    Show me your Caliper/Rim plasti dip combo!

    Loving all of the plasti dip caliper's! Would love to see your guys color combo's to help me choose which color I should do!
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    Lowering my CX-5

    Just bought my Cx-5 touring! Absolutely love it! I would like to eventually lower the car. I have 17 inch rims and personally think the appearance would look much better by lowering the car 1-2 inches. If I lower the car by only 1 inch, will it negatively affect the car in any way? Would love...
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    Upgrading my Sound System. Best recommendation for under $500?

    I'm looking to install a better sound system in my touring. Mainly the base :) I have seen several options for under $500, but what do you guys recommend? I also wouldn't mind starting with just a sub woofer.
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    Good car cover recommendation?

    I park my car outside and want to keep it safe from the weather. Can anyone recommend a good cover? I am looking at this one...
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    Touring factory rims?

    I'm considering selling the factory rims to get some different ones. How much are they worth/what could I sell them for?
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    Plasti dipped Meteor gray?

    I'm getting my cx-5 this week and still not sure whether to get black or gray! I have seen black rims on the black trim, but have yet to see how it looks on the gray. If anyone has any pictures of their touring dipped please post!! Side note: Are the touring rims the same design as the grand...