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  1. sig-cx5

    Corksport has CX5 2017+ lowering springs now

    These look pretty nice. I'm currently running Eibach but thinking of switching over since these appear to be another 1 inch lower than the Eibach I have.
  2. sig-cx5

    Any time frame for when the 2017+ CX5 exhaust will come out?

    Looking to get your exhaust and wondering when it might be available for the 2019 Signature CX5.
  3. sig-cx5

    Anyone replace their exhaust on the newer 2017-2019 CX5 yet?

    I've seen plenty of people change the tips but haven't come across anyone swapping the exhaust yet. Has anyone replaced the muffler yet to one like the Racing Beats or HKS? I'll be ordering the Racing Beats one in the next few weeks as I got an email from them saying it would work with my...