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    How to convert from cartridge to canister filter Mazda5

    I've never had issues with the oil filter conversion. Yes, the Ford parts are what I used.
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    2008 Mazda5 Sport Front Driver Lock Actuator Help I'm the one who left a 3 star review.
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    2008 Mazda5 Sport Front Driver Lock Actuator Help

    I've since replaced both front door locks because the attempted 'fix' only worked temporarily. Finally sucked it up and spent $150+ per side.
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    rain sensor cover removal

    Go to page 441 here -!7404&authkey=!ADlTf1PeiSbnBZk&ithint=file%2cpdf
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    Overheating troubleshooting

    Run the heater on HIGH inside and see what kind of output you are getting. Also, this is a great way of keeping the engine from overheating if the water pump is still functioning properly as the heater core is not t-stat controlled.
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    Suggish Accelerator/ Can't go over 60

    Yes, first thing to do is check codes to start diagnosis. Check your throttle body, clean it if necessary, press on it to see how freely it opens, release it to see if it returns back to almost closed position.
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    Automatic Transmission Fluid Pressure Switch

    The pressure switch does not have a reference voltage, it is switched ground only. Place 1 probe on metal grounded surface and other on part being tested. Set meter to Ω (ohm): When testing the switch, you should have infinite resistance (no continuity) in Park, and 0 (no resistance) in Drive...
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    Automatic Transmission Fluid Pressure Switch

    The workshop manual lists only the oil pressure switch circuit being the cause of P0841, either the switch, the harness, the wiring to the TCM, or the TCM itself. If you have instructions that list otherwise, I'm sorry I can't help with that. Did you perform the harness inspection?
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    Automatic Transmission Fluid Pressure Switch

    On-vehicle Inspection (harness inspection) 1. Remove the battery duct and battery cover. 2. Disconnect the negative battery cable. 3. Remove the under cover. 4. Disconnect the cord assembly connector. 5. Verify that there is no continuity between the cord assembly terminal and ground. If there...
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    Automatic Transmission Fluid Pressure Switch

    Upon further reading, the workshop manual has conflicting data regarding the MIL/AT lights. I don't have personal experience with P0841, so I can't speak to the causality except what the workshop manual states. It is a NO switch that provides ground to TCM when pressure is applied and can...
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    Automatic Transmission Fluid Pressure Switch

    I guess that is possible, but the workshop manual states that P0841 would trigger MIL/AT lights.
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    Automatic Transmission Fluid Pressure Switch

    Yes, you must drain the fluid then drop the pan to access the solenoids.
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    Automatic Transmission Fluid Pressure Switch

    I'm glad you got it repaired for a reasonable cost. What you are referring to is the EPC, pressure control solenoid.
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    It's brake time

    You should have sanded, not turned the rotors. Hindsight Have them re-turned (free hopefully), check runout, check thickness, if within spec, run with it. If not, replace them.
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    OEM Radio & Speakers - Sound Quality

    I had the driver's door panel off over the weekend. The stock speakers have paper thin cones. Anything would be an improvement.
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    Refilling ATF for 2012+ - how many quarts?

    I've been using Valvoline Maxlife DEX/MERC for about 50k miles with great results. It is a full-synthetic ATF approved for M5, M-V, MazdaV, FNR5 ATF, whatever you want to call it...
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    2008 Mazda5 Sport Front Driver Lock Actuator Help

    I just did this repair yesterday, but instead of replacing the lock unit, I disassembled and cleaned the motor. It is a cheap 12V low amp motor like you would find in a toy. It would probably be difficult to source a replacement though because the shaft is about 1-1/2" long, and instead of ears...
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    08 mazda 5 P0758 shift solenoid B questions

    There shouldn't be much that you have to say besides telling them your symptoms - stuck in 3rd, hard shifts, etc. This type of repair does not require a dealer, just your local reputable mechanic. In one of my previous posts, I had mentioned the need for programming, but if your '08 Mazda3 is...
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    Towing teardrop camper with a auto tranny

    I was going to tow a small popup with our 5 before we found a nice toy hauler that the Odyssey can handle. Put the biggest ATF cooler on it that you can, keep your speeds below the speed limits and you'll be fine.
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    08 mazda 5 P0758 shift solenoid B questions

    The first thing you need to do is determine if the same trouble code is being triggered (P0758). Drive to your local auto parts store (AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, O'Reilly Auto, etc.) for a free code check. Then is can determined if this is an electrical issue and hopefully not necessitate...