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    How-To: Install Auxilliary AFT Cooler (2008-2010)

    How-To: Install Auxilliary ATF Cooler (2008-2010) I had a number of replacement parts and upgrades to do to this vehicle today. They included installing something myself and others have been talking about doing for a loooong time - an auxiliary transmission cooler. Well, I finally did it, and...
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    Phone charging messes with radio reception?

    Just bought the wife a Griffin Powerjolt dual micro usb charger. When the phone is connected to it, the radio reception goes to crap. Unplugging the phone but leaving the cable and charger in place doesn't effect it. What gives? How do you even start to address something like this?
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    Heater core bypass...incase anyone was interested

    I have the main parts together for a fully automatic heater core bypass system. If you have replaced your cabin filters or been at the passenger foot area for any reason while the engine was running or not long thereafter, you may have been nearly scorched like myself from a gentle touch of the...
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    Grill blocking

    I was wondering if anyone has thought about closing up either the gaping hole on the lower bumper or the grill to increase mpg? I've been contemplating a method of approach, and it seems that for the lower opening using plexiglas on the outside or black coroplast on the inside would preserve the...
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    What would help keep the rear hatch cleaner?

    Vortex generators on the bottom of the rear bumper? Rear mud flaps?
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    Anyone using LED H11 fog bulbs?

    We use ours fogs as DRLs and was just wondering if anyone has LED bulbs in theirs and what they thought..? I'm interested in some like this - They look rather large, so removing the center reflector may be...
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    SKYACTIV: New York Auto Show - LIVE EVENT - Thurs 4/21/11, 11:25am ET (link inside)

    I received and email from mazda today about the unveiling of the SKYACTIV platform at the New York Auto Show tomorrow and thought I'd share. 10:25 CT for me. While I was checking out the info...
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    Anybody good with electronics? How about an adjustable PWM delay circuit?

    I need a circuit that will delay a PWM signal already present. Time or phase shift it backwards somehow by 1-10 seconds. I can build circuits, just not design them. What it's for is a surprise if I get it working. Thanks.
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    How-To: Clean the HVAC blower wheel (mouse cage)

    I had some issue yesterday with the blower vibrating badly. The culprit seems to have been a small rodent nesting in the blower housing. Sorry I didn't take pictures of removing the cowl, I was just curious if I could do anything to it without ripping out the dash. The answer - YES you can! The...
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    How to get to the a/c blower?

    Has anybody figured this out yet? Our blower, yesterday, started vibrating. The higher the speed, the worse it is. Doesn't matter which vent selected or temperature setting, it's completely dependent upon fan speed. When set to fresh air, it sounds like the blower is right below the front cowl...
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    Just lubed the front sway bar bushings. What a pain!

    Heading on a road trip next weekend, so I did the oil/tranny/air/cabin filter changes, and decided to lube the sway bar bushings while I was under there. I had 1 bolt on the driver's side clamp that wouldn't come off. I had to loosen, wd40, tighten, repeat about 12 times! 2 hours later... and of...
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    Paint the fog light bulbs?

    Has anyone ever tried to paint a high wattage car bulb before? I want the fogs to be yellow when they're on, and thought of something... About 10 years ago I bought some headlight bulbs from JCWhitney for an old vehicle I had. They were blue 100W bulbs that were very blue, too blue. I simply...
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    HOW-TO: Rewire fog lights as DRLs - A/T only

    This modification pulls power off the automatic transmission relay right next to the fog relay - this is why it's only for the a/t vehicles. 1) Clip off the power leg of the fog relay. 2) Solder a small gauge (22+AWG) 4" jumper wire from that clipped leg to the base of the centermost leg of the...
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    HOW-TO: Rewire fog lights to come on with parking lights

    This may be considered 'Option 1' for this modification. The pictures are self-explanatory. The goal was to be able to undo this for whatever reason (ie dealer visit), and to test the operation to make sure it works exactly the way it should. Get yourself the following together: 1) 1/4" and...
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    '08 - Factory Service Manual?

    Does anyone have one to download? I have the one for the '05, but would like one for my model year. Interested in the electronic throttle, but there is absolutely no reference to it in the '05 manual. Thanks.
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    Headrest LCD that matches 'Sand' interior?

    Edit - Anyone try one of these things? Suction cup mount LCD (Headrest LCD...) What if I stuck one of these to each back window - I wonder if a 3.5mm 4 conductor...
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    Anyone done an HID headlight kit?

    I know it's way early, but there's some inexpensive kits here that I am considering maybe at Christmas. Anyone done a conversion before? I'm going for practical here - so probably in the 4-6k color range. These halogens are already bright, but $50-60 for a kit that will help my wife's...
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    Roof Cargo Box Wind Noise?

    I've searched, but didn't come up with much. I was just wondering what type of wind noise can be expected from a roof cargo box and rack combo. Haven't decided on the OEM or Thule rack. I'm looking at a lower profile box like the Thule Ascent 1100, but am open to whatever you guys suggest. I...
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    HELP! Car won't crank & security icon flashing quickly

    What do I do? Neither key works. The dash lights illuminate, but the security icon blinks very fast. The manual says that could indicate a system malfunction. Is there a way to reset the immobilizer system? Edit: I must have caused this last night when I was snooping around in the fuse/relay...
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    Complaint: A/C @ idle

    It plain sucks! I attribute it to the 1 (one, un, uno) radiator fan. When moving...great. When sitting idle in traffic or My other vehicle has 2 fans and the a/c is always cold. And it's 10 years old! I wonder if there's a way to install a second one?