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  1. kdaug

    How do I make my portable CD player work?

    Even though my 2018 has no CD player I'd still like to play some CD's while driving. I plugged my portable CD player into one of the USB ports but under "Audio Sources" on the front screen neither the USB1 nor USB2 are highlighted in white so I can't play a CD. What am I doing wrong?? (uhm)
  2. kdaug

    2017~2021 Cargo Net size change

    When I traded in my 2014 on a 2018 I kept the cargo net, only to find that the distance from the back to front attachment points are shorter. This causes the net to be quite floppy and not holding cargo as securely under the mat. Has anybody else experienced this, and if so, did you modify the...
  3. kdaug

    How do i insert an image???

    I have tried to insert an image with no success. Despite using the following steps as suggested by the forum founder all I get appearing after posting is a link to my image rather than the actual image. I click on: -"Go Advanced" -"Manage Attachments" - "Add Files" - "Browse" - "Upload" - I...
  4. kdaug

    Cylinder Deactvation

    I have yet to see it anything on the instrument cluster so I assume that 2018 or 2019 CX-5's have no display of any kind to indicate when the 2 outside cylinders deactivate between 40-80 km/hr. I have read on other websites that some can feel/hear the difference. Exactly what should I be...
  5. kdaug


    I am about to change the incandescent bulbs in the Vanity, Map, Dome and Cargo lights on my 2018 CX-5 to LED. Now, I am quite certain that the Map, Dome and Cargo LED's are the same and my local auto supply store carries the replacement bulbs made by Sylvania with a part number of DE3175. Can...
  6. kdaug

    Winter Tire Upgrade...Blizzak WS80 or DM-V2?????

    I plan to replace my current Blizzak WS70's (that I have had for over 4 years now and have loved) at some point this winter and would like some feedback as to which of the WS80 or DM-V2 you would buy and why. I know that the sidewall of the DM-V2 is a little stiffer than the WS80 and think this...
  7. kdaug

    What's the best Halogen upgrade for Non-Tech high and low beams???

    I've been reviewing most of the threads on halogen upgrades (for us Non-Tech owners) to LED or HID. It would seem that LED is definitely a no go and HID not much better. So, my last resort is a halogen upgrade to ensure proper beam spread. I've read reviews on the Sylvania Silverstar Ultra's...
  8. kdaug

    How noisy are the OEM Mazda CX-5 roof rails?

    I have been thinking of installing a set of Mazda roof rails and crossbars. Now from past experience with roof rack systems I'm guessing that the Mazda crossbars will produce some wind noise but I'd probably not have the crossbars installed all the time. So, I'm more concerned with wind noise...
  9. kdaug

    Michelin Premier LTX 225/55/19 in stores this June!!!

    I have been researching for a replacement tire lately as my oem Toyo A23's are just about worn out. These tires have worn out way to soon, as many others have commented!!! Other threads on this forum are mostly recommending Pirelli Cinturato P7+, Bridgestone Dueler hl ecopia 422, or Continental...
  10. kdaug

    GT non-Tech DRL/highbeam upgrade.... help!!!

    I have read several posts regarding DRL/highbeam upgrades but have not seen anything definitive regarding what product is best for an upgrade for my DRL/highbeam oem halogens. Now, my initial thought was to go with a LED upgrade as it would give me the brightness and whiteness that I am looking...