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  1. PatrickGSR94

    2013~2016 Rear bumper protector issue?

    I just got one of these bumper guards for our 2014 last week, but when I test fit it, it has these 2 protrusions on the bottom that seem like it will prevent the double sided 3M tape from making contact in those areas. Seems to fit well otherwise. Has anyone seen this before?
  2. PatrickGSR94

    2013~2016 Anyone tried the LED rear bumper reflector replacements?

    I found one of our rear bumper reflectors appears to be broken inside, so I was thinking about replacing them with these LED units that wire up to the tail and brake lights. Wondering if anyone here has tried these and how you like them?
  3. PatrickGSR94

    What are these disappearing pop-ups?

    Every time I load another page here on Mazdas247, I get what appears to be a pop-up window within my browser that immediately disappears. Any ideas what's going on here?
  4. PatrickGSR94

    Any way to improve BT connectivity on 2014 Touring?

    In our 2014 Touring, we have both mine and my wife's phones paired with the car. USUALLY it will pair with whichever phone was last connected, if that same phone is present. But for instance if my wife last drove the car, and then I drive it somewhere by myself, it will sit there and say...
  5. PatrickGSR94

    Roof molding trim removal?

    Any tips on removing the roof molding trim pieces? My wife's 2014 apparently has tons of organic junk from trees and other debris caught under the roof gutter molding inserts (no roof rack). Every time I wash the car the pressure washer kicks out a bunch of junk from underneath those trim...
  6. PatrickGSR94

    15-16 grille swap?

    Hey guys, is it possible to swap a 2015-16 front grille onto a 2013-14 model CX-5? It seems like the horizontal bar grille would be much easier to clean when washing the vehicle as compared to that hexagonal honeycomb pattern on the 2013-14 models.
  7. PatrickGSR94

    Disable quoted post emails?

    Is there a way to disable the emails I get every time someone quotes my post? Gets annoying after awhile.
  8. PatrickGSR94

    BT audio/navigation with iOS 9 vs. iOS 10

    So I'm behind the times and just upgraded my iPhone 6 to iOS 10 over the weekend, after nearly a year of the phone daily hounding me to upgrade. (whistle) Anyway, before the upgrade, I would have music playing through Bluetooth (usually a podcast but sometimes regular music), and if I had...
  9. PatrickGSR94

    2014 rear shock mounts?

    I'm having trouble finding the rear shock mounts for our 2014 CX-5. I thought I saw them on recently but now I don't see them. I see lots of KYB shock mounts for the Mazda 5 and other applications that look pretty much like the CX-5 shock mounts, but I can't be sure if they're the...
  10. PatrickGSR94

    Just got the hatch/liftgate strut recall notice

    I just got the recall notice for the liftgate/hatch strut corrosion issue last week. Given that I do not live in an area where such corrosion is common, and the hatch struts and mounts show no signs of corrosion at this point, should I even bother with it? Keep in mind that I have never gone...
  11. PatrickGSR94

    Hood vibration fixed! New cowl seal installed per TSB.

    I can't find the actual TSB number for this, but it seems to be an updated version of 09-029/12 which only showed adding vibration damping sealant to the hood, and adjusting the hood bumpers: The updated version is here, which...
  12. PatrickGSR94

    Right rear shock blown at 65K miles

    I noticed a sort of "booming" sound from the rear when going over bumps on our 2014 CX5, and when rotating the tires today the right rear shock looked oily. I was thinking of just replacing the rear shocks. Or should I replace the whole set of shocks and struts? KYB GR-2/Excel-G shocks are...
  13. PatrickGSR94

    Anyone feel like the 6 speed auto "hunts" or is in the wrong gear sometimes?

    Anyone feel like the 6 speed auto "hunts" or is in the wrong gear sometimes? I've noticed on several occasions our 2014 2.5L feels like it's in the wrong gear. Instances include when the road grade starts up a small incline, or when I slow down in traffic, then press the accelerator pedal...
  14. PatrickGSR94

    First road trip in our 2014 Touring!

    Just got back last week from our first road trip in our 2014 Touring that we purchased used (not CPO unfortunately) from a local Mazda dealer back in August. We drove from the Memphis area down to Disney World in Orlando FL. We drove the whole way in 1 day (I drove the whole way, actually)...
  15. PatrickGSR94

    Getting bombarded with warranty expiration notices!

    What's the deal with these notices??? I've received probably 8 or more different notices in the mail in the past couple of weeks. The car has about 59K miles, which means the powertrain warranty of 60K is about to end. But how could anyone possibly know? The car is a 2014, build date January...
  16. PatrickGSR94

    How well do floor liners keep dirt out of the carpet?

    This is the first vehicle I've had with black carpet, and WOW does it get dirty quick!! Every little speck of dirt shows up like crazy on the black carpet and floor mats, and the car looks like it needs to be vacuumed just about every week. I'm looking into WeatherTech floor liners, not really...
  17. PatrickGSR94

    Squeaky doors?

    I have noticed that the rear doors on our CX-5 make a squeaking sound when opened up fully. I looked closer and it appears that the rubber seal at the leading edge of the lower plastic trim rubs on the metal frame when the door gets all the way out. Is it supposed to do this? It's rather...
  18. PatrickGSR94

    Blind Spot Monitor confused by hitch bike rack?

    Where are the sensors for the blind spot monitoring system? Reason I'm asking is that it seems like the system gets confused whenever I have my 2-bike hitch rack attached to the 1.25" receiver on the back of our CX-5. Like I'll be driving along and out of nowhere one of the mirror lights will...
  19. PatrickGSR94

    Stinky smell when AC is first turned on

    I searched and read the other threads in this forum about how CX-5's are prone to mold/mildew in the AC system, particularly if recirculate is used, with Auto settings and all that. Our 2014 Touring does NOT have automatic climate control, however, and the stinky smell from the vents only seems...
  20. PatrickGSR94

    How many have locked keys in the car?

    I figured it would happen eventually, given that the dealer only had 1 key to give us when we bought our 2014 Touring last month. With the keyless start system, you don't have the keys in your hand necessarily when exiting the vehicle, like you do on a normal keyed ignition. Sure enough, wife...