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    2016~2021 Battery drain in 2020 Mazdas

    Good. It looks like you are well prepared.(y)
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    2016~2021 Battery drain in 2020 Mazdas

    So if a part (like a relay) lasts a certain length of time and then starts pulling enough current to drain a battery is replaced, what makes anyone think the results will be different. 1. Is the replacement part an updated version? If not, what's the workaround until the part itself is updated...
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    Mazda3 2.5T Poll: Are you going to buy a Mazda3 2.5 Turbo?

    Antoine, I see a few people saying that the current design of Mazda 3s is ugly but are we to assume that ONLY the hatch will get the turbo? I would think that because it is not a Mazdaspeed, the sedan will benefit as well. And really, who would have such distorted vision to call the sedan ugly...
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    Brought My Mazda6 to a Porsche Meet!

    I just rented a $130,000 2020 Porsche 911 4S Cabriolet for a day. It is an amazing car with excellent seats and lots of power with its twin-turbo six and about 446 HP. I do like the Nav in my 3 better, however. Of the cars I've rented within the last year, this one is second-fastest. The fastest...
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    Auto lock issues...Help

    I noticed that once in a while when my wife was waiting in the car while I used the ATM, I would leave the fob on the driver's seat, and when I came back the door was locked. It doesn't happen all the time but it's a good thing that someone was in the car. Thus, the only time I leave the key...
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    2007 Mazda3 2.3L Electrical Issues

    If the battery is less than 4 years old, you should attempt to fully charge it. If it cannot reach full charge, it is likely no good. Alternators rarely fail, so unless the battery fully charges, yet that charge won't last after a few days of typical driving, then the alternator is okay.
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    Which Mazda 3 has more luggsge space? The results may surprise you (but not me).
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    2014 CX-5: Installed aftermarket stereo (Alpine ilx-270) Now I can't control stuff

    This feature in my 2014 3 is controlled by the alarm that is installed by the dealership before being sold new . There is a sequence that needs to be done to change the horn beep to no beep. I had a hard time getting it to work so I called the alarm manufacturer and they sent someone over to...
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    Why the stigma around Mazda?

    I have a theory about why Chrysler appears to be very reliable, based upon cost of ownership. Many people who continue to buy Chrysler products, over and over may qualify as deep-rooted "buy only American" folks. As such, when they fill in surveys, they tend to "fudge" the input because doing...
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    Why the stigma around Mazda?

    Have your Honda fanboys take a look at this Consumer Reports Cost of Ownership chart.
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    2007~2015 Major Issue with CX-9. Help Me!

    Sometimes a dead battery cell will cause strange things to happen. I've had 2 year old batteries die for no justifiable reason. A power wire that is intermittently getting grounded (shorted) without blowing a fuse can trigger weird things, also but that is unlikely in a newer vehicle that had...
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    Malfunction Codes after Battery Replacement?

    I checked the internet for quite a while and could not find more than one person's story about successfully replacing the OEM battery with a deep cycle AGM, like a Yellow top. Hopefully when it is due to be replaced again (in another 3 or 4 years), there will be more successful home-replacement...
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    Malfunction Codes after Battery Replacement?

    My 2014 3 with the ultra capacitor has a "special" deep-cycle battery that has a terminal block (if I recall correctly) mounted to it and costs >$500 to have replaced at the dealership. Owner's manuals will almost never tell the owner how to correctly replace a battery. I think there is too much...
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    2004~2008 Front brake pad replacement question, Mazda3 hatchback

    You will need some tools to remove the calipers. A socket wrench, sockets, and a torque wrench are typically used.
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    Lowered CX-5 Appreciation: Show me your drop!

    Thanks. Each of those Enkei Racing wheels weigh just a tad over 17 lbs, whereas the factory 18-inch wheels weigh 27 lbs. Acceleration and braking are improved but sound attenuation dampening is definitely not. Springs are Eibach Pro Kit.
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    Rumor: Turbocharged AWD Mazda3 for 2021 model year

    Well, I threw on some Eibach springs and Koni yellows and my 3 handles like a front drive Miata sedan. Would it still handle well with an extra 65 HP? Oh yeah! :D
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    Rumor: Turbocharged AWD Mazda3 for 2021 model year

    Yes, I was just kidding about it being the 3. However, I'd still like to see it as an electric car.
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    Rumor: Turbocharged AWD Mazda3 for 2021 model year

    It's called "following the crowd" or "lemming syndrome". We see this happen all the time - giant grills, almost all touchscreen, fading paint, etc. I will not trust any self-driving vehicle. The world obviously has plenty of guinea pigs who are dying.
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    Rumor: Turbocharged AWD Mazda3 for 2021 model year

    I was joking about the "this just in" blurb, but dang, that is a beautiful design. It could also become an electric-powered sedan to compete with Tesla but for lower cost and much higher reliability.