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  1. Antoine

    What's the main reason you became a Mazdas247 Member?

    Please let us know via the Poll and this thread, everyone's feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks! * You can choose up to 3 reasons.
  2. Antoine

    CX5 Offroad Tire Question

    Just a quick heads up...Please read our Marketplace Rules before posting items for sale and note For Sale threads belong in the Marketplace, thanks!
  3. Antoine

    So long, Honda. Hello, Mazda!

    We're glad you did...Welcome! Great intro and pic, thanks for joining Mazdas247 and enjoy the Forums!
  4. Antoine

    CX FS: 2018 CX-5 black floor mats

    Please read the Marketplace Rules here... https://www.mazdas247.com/forum/index.php?threads/mazdas247-marketplace-rules.123854207/#post-6444980 You can PM me or azuelke when you have the required picture(s). Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  5. Antoine

    Japanese spec CX-30 wheels

    They do look like Lamborghini Urus wheels! Nice catch and good question, hopefully someone can chime in here with confirmation.
  6. Antoine

    CX-30 rear low profile headrests

    Good to know, thanks for sharing the info..(y) Let us know if you do get a CX-30 and be sure to post pics if you can..😁
  7. Antoine

    My RX4

    Did Chris get a Rotary-Powered Mazda!? 😲 We do have a Rotary Forum :) https://www.mazdas247.com/forum/index.php?forums/rotary-mazdas-forum.335/
  8. Antoine

    Mazda Toyota Manufacturing Hiring Website

    I would be curious as well! Sounds like it could be a good opportunity.
  9. Antoine

    What have you done to your Miata today?

    What a beauty! Got a pic of the after (clay and wax)? How has the ownership and driving experience been so far?
  10. Antoine

    New competitor: 2021 Toyota Venza

    Interesting point...They are building a plant together in Alabama and we have been hearing rumors about a "CX-50"...Plot continues to thicken.
  11. Antoine

    Show us your CX-30

    Pic threads are always fun especially when people get creative and or showcase new accessories, upgrades, wheels etc...It would be great to get one going for the CX-30. Although I don't personally have one (would love one though), I can start this thread off with some of my own pics from Osaka...
  12. Antoine

    Mazda Toyota Manufacturing Hiring Website

    Came across this if anyone is interested...I believe it's the official hiring website for the upcoming Mazda Toyota Manufacturing plant in Huntsville, Alabama. According to the website... "Our facility is expected to create 4,000 Jobs and will build 300,000 vehicles a year, beginning in 2021."...
  13. Antoine

    Protege5 How-To: Installing Fog Lights (w/ pictures)

  14. Antoine

    2002-2007 Mazda6 Wiring Diagram Book (Japanese Market?)

  15. Antoine

    MX-30 starting production in Japan

    Came across this article from CNET...It appears the MX-30 is destined to go on sale in Europe this fall while its American destiny is still uncertain. They did mention the concern over range but that it might be alleviated by a possible Rotary Powered Range Extender...
  16. Antoine

    My $260 Mazda3 progress thread

    That is bittersweet but I understand, nice that you made a "profit". In the end, you did rescue this car and that's awesome. Thanks for keeping us updated! Any plans for a future project? Mazda?
  17. Antoine

    New competitor: 2021 Toyota Venza

    Looks like the Toyota Harrier sold in Japan... https://toyota.jp/harrier/
  18. Antoine

    What have you done to your Miata today?

    Great updates, guys...It's always a joy to follow along... @bazooka joe Nice angles on your Miata there, so they had a virtual Cars and Coffee...How does that work exactly? People video chat by their car using a phone?
  19. Antoine

    Fresh Sweet Donuts Everywhere! (work log)

    That manifold is one sweet looking piece, what caused the leak at the runners?
  20. Antoine

    Right Wrist pain from using the Infotainment knob

    Shows over, Gentlemen...You had a few laughs but this thread has clearly run its course and now it's time to move on. Thread closed. Fortunately, there were some useful posts and hopefully the OP got some helpful information from this thread. In the future, let's keep threads as useful and on...