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  1. sm1ke

    What's the main reason you became a Mazdas247 Member?

    I joined primarily to get owner's feedback on a car I was interested in buying.
  2. sm1ke

    Brake pads $900?

    My suggestion: Try not to let the dealer experience sour you on the actual ownership experience. You do not have to go to the dealer for your maintenance work. If you keep a log of the work you do, or keep copies of your service invoices from independent shops, and follow the maintenance...
  3. sm1ke

    Dangerous cylinder deactivation trouble on 2018 CX-5 and 6 models

    This is the question you asked. "As the engine ages and clearances widen, whats to prevent the pressure from dropping on higher mileage engines. I intend to keep my Mazda at least 200k miles.... can anyone with an in-depth knowledge of the actual software fix respond?" If you wanted...
  4. sm1ke

    Emblem removal / debadge

    ^^ This. I think the pins just act as guides to ensure the emblem is aligned properly when it is installed. You shouldn't have to worry about unclipping them from the back.
  5. sm1ke

    Anyone consider a used Luxury SUV for the price of a new CX-5?

    Agreed on all points. If my wife and I didn't want a seven seater, we likely would have gone to a used SQ5 as the GT Reserve/Signature CX-5s had not been released yet.
  6. sm1ke

    Turn off engine without turning off audio?

    It was just a theory, Conrad. I didn't know that about RAP, having never owned a modern GM product before, so thanks for the info. I won't pretend as if I know how RAP could be integrated into Mazda's systems, or if it is even possible. Truthfully I don't know how or why Mazda executes this...
  7. sm1ke

    Dangerous cylinder deactivation trouble on 2018 CX-5 and 6 models

    Irrelevant to the question at hand. "Then" is not "now". In the beginning, there was an issue that nobody knew much about. Since then we have watched Mazda diagnose the issue, trace it back to the source, develop a fix, and roll out the recall. As of today, the software update appears to have...
  8. sm1ke

    OEM CX-5 Side Rails vs. Aftermarket

    Thanks for the additional info RedBaron. Any chance you remember which Amazon seller you purchased from?
  9. sm1ke

    Dangerous cylinder deactivation trouble on 2018 CX-5 and 6 models

    His question is not one that we can answer, thus the recommendation to contact Mazda directly. As mentioned, they would have access to more information than we do. The problem is getting them to supply the information. Either way, you can't get the info without asking for it from the proper...
  10. sm1ke

    OEM CX-5 Side Rails vs. Aftermarket

    Hi hal2, these are OEM roof rails you got? Would you happen to have the part number?
  11. sm1ke

    Turn off engine without turning off audio?

    Could be due to the potential electricity drain. For example, if you have the lights on, A/C running, seat ventilation on, radio blasting, USB ports being used, etc., that could all lead to a battery draining quickly, leading to a potential no-start, boost required situation.
  12. sm1ke

    Dangerous cylinder deactivation trouble on 2018 CX-5 and 6 models

    Echoing tekz. Reach out to Mazda directly. An online forum comprised primarily of Mazda owners will not have the specific technical information or resources to obtain said information, but Mazda's head office may be able to help.
  13. sm1ke

    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    Lol, I was going to suggest RPF1s. Such a good wheel. Since you're a student, I'd stick with the steel wheels. Personally I'd stick with the silver because I like contrast, but black steel wheels are very common, so you can't go wrong. I see them so often, I kind of expect steel wheels to be...
  14. sm1ke

    3 downers...in an otherwise vast sea of happy anticipation

    I checked the web version of the 2019 CX-9 Owner's Manual and it mirrors what what quoted by you earlier regarding the 2019 CX-5 Owner's Manual. Looks like they changed it for 2019 in both models.. I also noticed a lot of warnings regarding low temperature burns - that may be why they changed...
  15. sm1ke

    CX-9 Cargo area protector (2016+)

    Nice find youri. I looked at their installation instructions and found this: As you can see, you can fold the 3rd row up just fine with the cargo liner installed. One thing to note, you'll need a utility knife/box cutter to cut the 3rd row liner so that you can fold the seats independently...
  16. sm1ke

    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    Nice deal on those tires! If it were me, I'd look into some newer alloys, but you'll have to factor in the cost of the new alloys plus the cost of unmounting and mounting tires, as well as the cost or rebalancing the wheels. Most OEM wheels are on the heavier side because manufacturers use a...
  17. sm1ke

    Show me your wheels

    I like this.. looks almost like a hatchback lol. I really like what you did with the exterior, especially the front end. If I had a CX-5, this is the look I'd want to emulate.
  18. sm1ke

    20" OEM Mazda CX9 Rims and Falkens For Sale - SOLD

    Also: These 20x8.5 +45mm OEM rims will fit on the 2nd gen CX-5. One owner on this forum recently got a set of these and powdercoated them black, then installed them on his CX-5 - though I believe CX-5 owners will need a different sized tire.
  19. sm1ke

    3 downers...in an otherwise vast sea of happy anticipation

    My CX-9 retains the seat heat setting when I turn the car off (but doesn't retain the steering wheel heat setting). Curiouser and curiouser..
  20. sm1ke

    HP of the Turbo on 91, vs 87 or 93?

    I agree with the other posters in assuming that its around 242 with 91. I only have 91 available to me, and there is a perceptible difference in power between 87 and 91 once you get into the higher RPM range. I don't have any data to back my claim, all I can say is that I can notice it, so take...