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    Mazda to restart limited production July 23 So, it appears production which had been halted will start up again on a limited basis. Sometime in August they will ramp up production as needed. This stoppage may have cleared inventories out. I havent heard of shortages so...
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    Mazda Celebrate Building 50 Million Vehicles in Japan. A nice read with some history and insights.
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    2017~2021 Review of 2019 Mazda CX3 and SkyActiv X engine

    Thomas over at Autogefhl recently put up this video. The CX3 style is quite different. He also drives a car equipped with the SkyActiv X engine. Very informative
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    Mazda Renesis and Premacy engines I thought a separate thread would be suitable for this. A rotary engine that can run on hydrogen AND gasoline. That is the Renesis. The Premacy is the rotary hybrid platform which can be plain hybrid or PHEV. Some fascinating reading.
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    Another new CX5 owner

    Took delivery last Tuesday on a Grand Touring with Premium Pkg. The wife and I both love it. First time with heated seats and wheel but we are spoiled now. Today it was cold and snowing in the Seattle metro outskirts. No worries from us. Still learning all the nuances. Going up a long winding...