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  1. Trip CX9

    Autobahn88 Hood Lift Support Install, Uninstall and Review

    I purchased the Autobahn88 Hood Lift Support (for 2016-2021 Mazda CX-9 Mark2 Skyactiv-G) through Amazon. They make hood lifts for tons of vehicles. Their hardware mounts without the need for drilling. Installation literally only takes about 15 or 20 minutes. The quality of the hardware itself...
  2. Trip CX9

    Mazda6 Discontinued For 2022 Damn…This sucks. Hopefully this just means a temporary absence and it will return as a new model. If it does, I’m sure Mazda did this to separate the current FWD model from the up market RWD platform.
  3. Trip CX9

    Carlinkit 2.0 Wireless Apple CarPlay

    After seeing wireless dongle adapters discussed here and on other forums, I decided to bite the bullet and try one. I went with the Carlinkit 2.0. Here’s their website but i purchased it on Amazon since I already have payment info set up there and Prime free shipping. Inititally, my...
  4. Trip CX9

    CX-9 OEM Roof Cross Rails Installed

    I posted this in another thread and wanted to separate out into the Accessories Forum too... Installed the OEM cross rails this past weekend. I purchase them through Mazda Swag online. They’ve been great to deal with. Even with shipping they were cheaper than picking up locally. My...
  5. Trip CX9

    Where is the rear lift gate motor?

    I’m curious where the rear liftgate motor is. I’ve looked around the opening. I’ve even looked at parts diagrams. I can’t seem to find it. Usually, there’s an obvious hump in the rear roof or a little arm that gives it away. Is the motor somehow concealed in one of the tubes for what I’m...
  6. Trip CX9

    Decent LED Reverse Lights Swap

    This was a lot of bang for the buck. Only $20 at Advance Auto. I’ve seen other reverse lights listed for $40 or more. Super bright, LED replacement bulbs for the back up lights. Improves visibility. Looks much better and more upscale from outside of the car. It literally only took about five...
  7. Trip CX9

    What neat features have you discovered?

    Whether they might be undocumented or they didn’t jump out at you in the owner‘s manual, I’m curious what everyone’s favorite little features are. For me: There’s a third request switch to lock the doors above the license plate. Rather than stand by the driver’s door until everyone is out so...
  8. Trip CX9

    Auto Sensing Wiper Calibration?

    What does everyone think of the auto sensing wipers? Do they seem to work ok for you as expected? In my 2018 6, they worked great. I could dial in the sensitivity I wanted on the wiper stalk and they would swipe as expected. On my 2021 CX-9 GT, they don't work as well. The wipers tend to...
  9. Trip CX9

    For Sale Mazda6 OEM Rubber Mats and Carpeted Trunk Mat (2016-2021)

    For sale: OEM “all weather” rubber floor mats and a carpeted trunk mat. Flipped my lease for a 2021 CX-9 and have no need for these any more. These items will fit Mazda 6 models from 2016 through 2021. All in very good condition. I regularly cleaned the rubber mats and applied 303 protectant to...
  10. Trip CX9

    DRSS Issue? (Distance Recognition Support System)

    We’ve had our 2021 CX-9 Grand Touring for almost 2 weeks. Loving it. So far the only possible issue is the DRSS. My last car was a 2018 Mazda 6 Grand Touring Reserve which also had the DRSS. I’m assuming the systems would be similar which the CX-9 owner’s manual suggests but I wanna make sure...