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    Michelin Cross Climate

    Has anyone put a set of these on their CX5? Opinion? I know some have noted the traction specs as inferior, but reading reviews on reflects loads of glowing reviews....... 2019 GTR
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    Brake Fluid Level

    Interesting observation this morning. For the last week I've had intermittent warning lights: Front Radar Sensor Malfunction SmartBrake Malfunction Red BRAKE warning light on the dash. Took it to the dealer this morning and ALL these warnings were caused by brake fluid level that was just a...
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    New Infotainment Message?

    So while driving yesterday a pop-up message shows on my infotainment screen: Transfer memory almost full. Any ideas what that is all about? 2019 GTR
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    CAUTION! Windshield Replacement

    Took a rock to my windshield for the second time yesterday. The first time Safelite was able to do a repair, but this one resulted in an 8" crack from the left edge to my line of sight, so a replacement is necessary. Dropped it off this morning. They told me it had to go to their shop...
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    Remote Starter Question '19 GTR

    Got my GTR on Feb 4th and am loving it! One question on the dealer installed remote starter though. It works ALMOST perfectly. No need to restart the car when I get in and step on the brake pedal. HOWEVER, whenever I use the remote starter, I get a warning message the the Radar CC is...