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    Soft knock sound when heater on. Anyone else?

    We have 22K miles on our 2018 CX5. Recently noticed a very soft knock sound coming from the engine bay when the heater is on. Goes off as soon as I completely turn off the climate control system. Sound only happens once a month and then goes away. Heater and AC seem to work fine. Sound is so...
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    Infotainment Screen Goes Dead While Driving!

    Have had our 2018 CX5 since new and have not had any issues. Today we are driving along and look at the infotainment screen and it is blank. Hit home and navigation, and nothing. Hit the volume button and music does play (but screen is still off). Turned headlights on and off does nothing. We...
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    Anyone install a CX-5 cold air intake?

    Just wondering. Years ago these were very popular. Anyone install a cold air intake in their CX5 like this one?
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    Wiper Blades not made for a 2018 CX5?

    Time to replace the front blades but it seems none of the major manufactures of replacement blades make them for the CX5. For those with a 2017-2018 CX5 have you replaced the blades? Who made them??
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    Anyone concerned about the upcoming recall on the 2018 CX5??

    Found a discussion over here about it: I'm disappointed! Was hoping our 2018 CX5 would be trouble free but now there is an issue with the engine rocker arms falling off. I...
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    Maintenance warning at start up when nothing is needed? Anyone else?

    New 2018 CX5 purchased July 2018. Now has 5700 miles. When I bought the car I set the oil maintenance schedule to flexible (1 yr/7500 miles) and tire rotation to every 7,500 miles. The maintenance screen show I have ~2000 miles and 5 months left. About a month ago at start up a warming came up...
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    Mazda sent us stickers! Anyone else?

    We purchased our 2018 CX5 ~ 6 wks ago and today we received a small welcome box with information and stickers. Stickers in black and white (Zoom-Zoom/ Driving Matters/ and the Mazda logo). What did you do with them? Any interesting ideas other than throw them away?
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    What product are you guys using to protect the black plastic molding?

    Referring to the black plastic around the wheels and along the bottom of the CX5. Any protects that really protect and keep it black??
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    Took First Road trip in our 2018 CX-5..36.1 MPG!

    Round trip ~220 miles on the highway with speeds of 50-65--> Avg at the end of the trip according to the trip computer was 36.1 MPG. Has anyone had a chance yet to do a manual calculation in a 2017-2018 to see if the computer is accurate? I assume that the new feature of cylinder...
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    check engine light on new 2018 CX-5

    Have had the car for less than a week and it has ~100 miles on it. Check engine light on today-->I pulled the codes...P061B and P2610. Has something to do with the ECM not able to time how long the car is off. Wife called dealer and told it has something to do with not keeping foot on brake...
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    Question about automatic braking....

    When you start a 2018 CX5, do you have to hit the "Mode On" button on the steering wheel to turn on automatic breaking (collusion avoidance), or is it on by default?? The manual is not clear. Thanks
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    New 2018 CX5 owner with a question!

    Hello everyone. Just purchased a beautiful dark blue CX5 yesterday. Two questions...In the manual (yes I read most of it!) it does not say specifically to use synthetic oil. Did I miss it? Also, any issues I should be looking out for with the CX5? Thanks in advance!