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  1. Antoine

    Mazda MP3 check engine light blinking, not solid anymore

    Side note...Responding to old threads is not an issue here as they may still be useful/informative to people searching for related information. Let's keep threads on topic please, thanks.
  2. Antoine

    FS: FS: Android Stereos, Commander Knob + Harness, Weathertech Mats

    @guy989 Thanks for posting the required signage as mentioned in our Marketplace Rules... That said, some of your pics include an invalid sign (printed and out of date), please replace those pics with...
  3. Antoine

    2016.5 CX-5: Help me identify this rattle sound

    Could this be related to loose cowl bolts that need to be tightened? This post by @MazdaZoom mentions tightening four bolts and has a pic for reference...
  4. Antoine

    Sold my Mazda6 to Carvana, it's been a great two years owning it!

    Thanks for sharing your Mazda6 updates with us and for the heads up that you're moving on. It's nice to see the complete list of all the things you did to your Mazda6 and to know your Carvana experience went well. Best of luck with your future projects! 🙂
  5. Antoine

    Mazda Is America's New "High-Volume" Premium Crossover Automaker

    Congratulations to Mazda for their ongoing success, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again...They deserve it! 2020 was a devastating year no doubt but it seems it also served as a reset...Perhaps it marks the beginning of a new era for Mazda...An era of unprecedented growth and success! I...
  6. Antoine

    Mazda6 Discontinued For 2022

    It seems it would not be unreasonable to think the CUV would be called CX-60. That said, is the Mazda6 name finished or ??? What would the new sedan/coupe be called if not Mazda6? Wait...Mazda9? CX-90 as the CUV version? Or...MX-6 (revival)...MX-60 as the CUV version?
  7. Antoine

    2019~2021 New Mazda3 Turbo member

    Welcome and thanks for joining up, @3turbo! Great to see another Turbo 3 on the Forums...Looking forward to seeing your updates and mods. Cool pic btw...(y)
  8. Antoine

    Images rotated and broken

    No problem! Happy all is well now...I restored the image proxy settings...I hope that doesn’t break the images, please do let me know if it does, thanks!
  9. Antoine

    Mazda6 Discontinued For 2022

    Interesting! Are we talking a new type of 6 (more premium and powerful with rwd...Coupe perhaps?) AND a CUV 6? Or... Only a CUV 6? Thoughts? Possible model names?
  10. Antoine

    What have you done to your Miata today?

    @bazooka joe Diffuser looks great, interesting upgrade...How does it perform? What are you expecting from it in terms of improvements?
  11. Antoine

    Images rotated and broken

    Update...The first image is now showing but it appears there might be a speed/performance issue with your website/server causing images to break. We use an image proxy system and I've bypassed your domain for the time being to see if that would help...So far it does not appear so... If...
  12. Antoine

    Images rotated and broken

    Copied the link from the first image (that's currently broken) and posting it here for testing purposes... * Update: I'm seeing the same thing, image is viewable in edit view but not when posted...
  13. Antoine

    Images rotated and broken

    Thanks for the heads up and sorry to see this happening...Hmm...Looking into this...Will update.
  14. Antoine

    Swapping a 2009 Mazda3 2.0L engine for a 2012 2.0L possible?

    Good point...In any case, I wish you the best of luck and please do keep us updated if possible on what you end up doing...Thanks for the well wishes and the same to you and yours...
  15. Antoine

    USB port not working on CX-30

    @Miguel Please let us know what they find out if possible, thanks!
  16. Antoine

    Swapping a 2009 Mazda3 2.0L engine for a 2012 2.0L possible?

    Side note here...I saw you posted a duplicate thread in the Lounge which has been removed (Site Rules). To help you with this original thread, I've made your title more descriptive. As for the swap in question, I don't have a Mazda3 or personal experience with such a swap but I did find this...
  17. Antoine

    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    What a bummer, yeah at least two new doors and paint...Hope nothing structural. Please do keep us updated if possible, @Candurin and best of luck with the repairs!
  18. Antoine

    New Member, Cuzed2

    Welcome and thanks for joining up, @cuzed2! The current Mazda3 sedan is catching my eye more and more...What an elegant and attractive design and you've made it even nicer with those wheels, great choice! (y)
  19. Antoine

    FSZE Protege5 Track Build

    You can tell your Protege5 is a blast to drive and wants to be out on the track...Throughly enjoying these updates, thanks for sharing and hoping to see more!
  20. Antoine

    Seeking advice on upgrading CX-3 suspension

    Hi and welcome @PaulKCX3! Thanks for joining the Community here...While I don't personally own a CX-3, I am a fan! Have you come across these suspension upgrade options?