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    Mazda5 FS: Mazda5 tein street advance and spc rear camber arms

    I have for spc rear camber arms and also tein street advance coilovers specifically made for the mazda5. Used for 15k miles before taken out and sold the car. price $700 for coilovers and rear camber arms pics also included on how it looked on my car. This isn't the lowest setting and can be...
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    Farewell to the 5

    18x7.5 +31 with 225/40/18 on the 5
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    Farewell to the 5

    Thanks man! Sorry about that i could have sworn i replied. I did see your email and ill check my inbox right now. I paid 3k over msrp i took it since every other dealer was asking minumum $5k and the most they asked is $12k
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    Farewell to the 5

    The 5 was a fun car! I do miss it since its a great daily. I just cant have 3 manuals since the rest of my family members cant drive stick to take out the kiddos
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    Farewell to the 5

    Its been a fun 3yrs owning the 5 but i got rid of it last month. As much as i didnt want to since its a great daily i had an opportunity to buy another car but had to get rid of my mazda or nissan and decided to let go of the mazda since the nissan was hard to sell. Its been a fun 4 years owning...
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    Suspension knock or clunk on Driver's side front 2008 Mazda 5 GT

    Which thread was it cuz i tried looking through the thread your started and one of them is the shocks but im on coilovers and im really hoping i dont have to rebuild the teins
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    Suspension knock or clunk on Driver's side front 2008 Mazda 5 GT

    Mine has started aswell. It started happening about couple weeks ago itll go away while im driving but when i start my car in the morning and cover over the bumps in my neighborhood i hear that clubking sound coming from the passenger front side. Once im on the freeway and hit like a dip i dont...
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    Anyone Get The Lift Gate Strut Recall Fix Yet?

    I got mine done aswell couple weeks ago. For all the socal people i got mine done at star mazda in glendale
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    Sand interior cleaning

    Luckly i have seat covers for the seats on the first 1k miles. Best $300 from costco! Thanks 90210 ill definetly scotch guard it once i get it cleaned. anyone know what material the theyre made out of it seems like a neoprene material
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    Sand interior cleaning

    Anyone that has the sand interior know how to clean stains? My door panels is pretty dirty and not sure how to clean them. I tried wiping them with a damp towel and it looked like it made it worse like a smudged it
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    Photobucket "3rd party hosting" and broken photo links

    Ive been using photobucket for the longest Time. I pretty much have to transfer all my pic from photobucket to another site. Let us know what site you use
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    What have you done to your Mazda5 today?

    How hard was the install? And can you repost the oics cuz i think the link is broke
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    What have you done to your Mazda5 today?

    Washed the car after putting on the baysonr kenstyle lipkit Also painted the black part of the bumper. Much better than my opinion. Also wired the bumper reflectors so its wited up to my brake and parking light
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    POST A PIC OF YOUR MAZDA5 - Ongoing Thread

    Got to put on the baysonr kenstyle lip kit
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    Mazda5 Wheel Fitment & Photo Guide

    New set up for 2017 Specs: 18x7.5 +31 wrapped with nitto neogen 225/40/18
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    What have you done to your Mazda5 today?

    Got to put on my set advans and getting an alignment done
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    Mazda 5 and Thule fairing

    The fairing does help with wind noise. I bought the rack from a member here and drove it without the fairing and couldnt stand the wind noise so i bought a fairing a week after and reduced it. There is still noise but its bearable and i have the same size fairing as orangutan posted. Only...
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    Anyone riding on Tein Street Basis or Street Advance dampers?

    Thats crazy that your teins are failing you. I havent had a problem with mine and im on full stiff
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    Difficulty of alignment w/ rear adjustable camber kit?

    I thought i was the only one with this problem. My alignment guy said the wheels need to be taken out an my arms are the spc ones. Anyone else have to deal with this problem