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    Mazda5 FS: Mazda5 tein street advance and spc rear camber arms

    I have for spc rear camber arms and also tein street advance coilovers specifically made for the mazda5. Used for 15k miles before taken out and sold the car. price $700 for coilovers and rear camber arms pics also included on how it looked on my car. This isn't the lowest setting and can be...
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    Farewell to the 5

    Its been a fun 3yrs owning the 5 but i got rid of it last month. As much as i didnt want to since its a great daily i had an opportunity to buy another car but had to get rid of my mazda or nissan and decided to let go of the mazda since the nissan was hard to sell. Its been a fun 4 years owning...
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    Sand interior cleaning

    Anyone that has the sand interior know how to clean stains? My door panels is pretty dirty and not sure how to clean them. I tried wiping them with a damp towel and it looked like it made it worse like a smudged it
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    Autoexe vendors

    I remember stumbling a thread awhile ago about a vendor that can get autoexe parts. I'm interested in theyre aero kit but the shop is charging me abou $1900 shipped here to the states. It consists of the front bumper, rear under panel, LED daytime running light, roof spoiler and the window...
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    Jdm bumpers for 2012+

    Hey everyone. I just wanted to know if there is any difference between the usdm bumper and jdm bumper for the 2012+ im asking because i was reading up on the older generation that the usdm bumper is longer due to the bumper support. I was wondering if the 2012+ will be the same. I want to order...
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    Add on metal sport pedals

    Anyone have these installed? I bought these and when i was about to install them i noticed the gas pedal doesnt have a rubber piece that goes over the gas pedal unlike the brake and clutch which has that rubber piece. I went to the dealer and they said that all mazdas are like that. I would...
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    New member and potential mazda5 buyer

    Hey everyone! Ive recently signed up on this forums to get some insight on the mazda5. I read some positive things about the wagon/minivan and ive always been a fan when they first came out here in the US. I recently got in an accident with my civic and insurace claimed is as total loss so im...