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    First new tires for my 2019 CX-5 Signature

    All tires have wear bars to show when they reach end of life.
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    Anyone Running 245/50/19 Tires?

    Wheel spacers are unsafe. Wheel adapters are fine and perfectly safe. Totally different items.
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    iOS 14.5 Apple CarPlay issues

    2019 GTR with the 2019 software.
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    iOS 14.5 Apple CarPlay issues

    No issues here with iPhone 12 pro and 14.5.
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    Michelin Cross Climate

    We had some heavy rain here Sunday and I made a 40mi round trip in the middle of it. The CC's performed very nicely both on the highway and backroads that had a lot of standing water. So far, I have no negatives to report on these tires. We'll see how they perform over time.
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    2014 CX-5: All Warning Lights Going Crazy, Help!

    Did your mechanic ensure that the brake fluid is at the proper level? Don't ask me how I know!
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    Michelin Cross Climate

    So I had the CC's installed yesterday morning. First impression is VERY positive. I did about 20 highway and 20 backroad miles this morning. I'd say they are easily as quiet, or more quiet, than the OE Toyos they replaced (very worn). They feel like they handle great, although I'm no...
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    Best All-Season Michelin 225/55R19 Tires?

    I get my CC2's installed tomorrow morning. I'll report back in a few days.
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    CX-5 MPG with Turbo vs NA?

    Not sure who would by any Mazda vehicle for efficiency. Most of us buy for the fun factor in driving them. Driving like a senior citizen will get you 2-3 extra mpg, but at what savings? If you can get your mpg up all the way to 29, you save all of $5 per tankful, but all driving fun is...
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    Michelin Cross Climate

    Has anyone put a set of these on their CX5? Opinion? I know some have noted the traction specs as inferior, but reading reviews on reflects loads of glowing reviews....... 2019 GTR
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    CX-5 MPG with Turbo vs NA?

    38000 miles, lots on the highway and I average ~~24mpg 2019 GTR
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    2017~2021 Start/Stop on CX-5

    The turbo engine does not have the stop/start feature.
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    CX-5 vs CX-30

    Come on now....... It could be as simple as a difference in exhaust design causing the HP difference. Is this really a topic for discussion?
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    Apple Car Play

    I use WAZE with CarPlay every day. I find it head and shoulders better than the Mazda Nav system. As with anything else, it's a matter of personal opinion and taste..........
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    AWD and flat tire

    Was this issue with a front tire? If yes, it's a safety feature. The owners manual even tells you that when using the spare donut tire, you must put it on the rear and move a good tire up front.
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    New CX-5 - When Should I really get my first oil change?

    First oil change should be at whatever mileage makes you feel comfortable, but not to exceed 7500 miles or 12 months.
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    Brake Fluid Level

    I wasn't charged for the visit.
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    Brake Fluid Level

    Obviously not. Given the slew of system failure messages, I fully expected the problem to be much bigger than marginally low fluid.
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    Brake Fluid Level

    Yes, I have 5mm rear and 6mm front remaining. Tech suggested the cold weather was a contributor and was not concerned.