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    Waterpump, coolant leaking into engine, why no recall?

    Sorry to hear you had the water pump failure. The short answer as to why there has been no recall is that it hasn't been deemed a safety issue. When the water pump fails, the engine doesn't immediately lose power or stop, it takes a little while to die, and usually you get some check engine...
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    Clear Coat Peeling. So Pissed.

    I have a 2010, in Florida. The clear coat on the plastic rear shade/spoiler over the rear liftgate glass started peeling just like yours 4-5 years ago. Perhaps Florida sun is too much for Mazda paint? Perhaps you can get the body shop to cut you a deal when you get the front bumper replaced...
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    CX-5 running rough after a boost

    This seems to happen in various Mazda models when the battery voltage drops below the normal value. There are several threads on this forum describing this behavior in CX-9's and CX-5's. You can reset the ECU by disconnecting the negative battery terminal and then holding the brake pedal down...
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    Long Term Review - PowerStop Z17 Evolution Plus Ceramic Brake pads - 2nd Gen CX-9

    There are 10+ options on alone for rear brake pads and even more for the front.
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    Replacement options for blown 3.7L CX-9 engine?

    The list price for an OEM long block assembly is over $6k alone. The labor to pull the engine and replace the water pump at dealer rates has been quoted in the $2k+ range. By the time they throw in all the gaskets, belts, and other crap required to swap the engine at full MSRP, I can see how...
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    Replacement options for blown 3.7L CX-9 engine?

    The parts catalog lists 2010-2015 as having the same engine assembly. I would swap the water pump on a used engine before installing. It's relatively easy to do once the engine is out and cheap insurance.
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    How do I remove the cupholders? Phone got eaten

    Read through this post: The service manual is available here: You'll need to find the section for how to get the center...
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    2022 CX-9 EV?

    The MX-30 EV is a compliance car. Its range is laughable and so are the power figures. They need something for sale in California and Europe, and this is iteration 0. I don't expect them to even offer it for sale widely in the US. The new RWD platform and inline 6 are rumored to start...
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    2016 GT with 120k miles

    Look around on the forums for 2.5T engines that needed to be replaced. There's a "known issue" with the cylinder heads on these engines from 2016-2018ish. What fraction of the engines will suffer this fate is not currently known.
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    2017~2021 Lease end conditions and possible charges?

    The other consideration against a large down payment on a lease is that in the event your car is totaled in an accident you lose the down payment. Most or all leases build in gap insurance so it doesn't make sense to prepay the balance.
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    2.5 Turbo Engine Considerations

    This topic has come up before: This used to be an issue, but really isn't anymore. Just don't park the car immediately after driving around with the accelerator floored and the turbo...
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    2nd Gen CX-9 High mileage club, how's it holding up?

    From the looks of the list, they had to remove the exhaust manifold and turbo from your old engine and swap it to the new one, along with the intake manifold, EGR valve, and parts of the cooling system. When they removed the exhaust manifold they had to replace all the exhaust gaskets between...
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    Valve clearance?

    Was your friend running LPG as well? LPG is not kind to valve seats.
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    Valve clearance?

    I have seen zero posts on this forum about burned valves on the 3.7 engine. I've also never read anything about this issue in Ford vehicles that use the 3.5 liter version. Where did you get this information?
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    Valve clearance?

    The V6 has solid "bucket" lifters and they are not adjustable. There is a clearance listed in the service manual for the intake and exhaust valves which can be checked using feeler gages. If anything is out of tolerance you have to replace the bucket assembly with one of a different length...
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    2007~2015 CX-9 Brake bleeding sequence?

    The 2008 service manual states: "Begin air bleeding with the brake caliper that is furthest from the master cylinder." No explicit order is given.
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    2019 CX-9 wouldn't start and bunch of malfunctions

    The AGM batteries can be made significantly lighter than the traditional flooded type. Some people use them for this reason.
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    2007~2015 Which model years have the biggest issues?

    The transfer case sucks on all years. If you want AWD, buy something else. The water pump was never really "fixed" either. The design changed, but there's no data that supports the assertion that the double sprocket fixed anything. The failure mode still exists.
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    How much oil does a 2009 CX-9 transmission hold?

    ~3.5 quarts comes out if you open the drain plug on the transmission. The full capacity is 7-7.4 quarts. Getting all the fluid out is more involved. There's lots of threads on this topic. For example...
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    2007~2015 Is it worth buying a 1st gen CX-9?

    The rate at which those pumps fail is not known to anyone on this forum. I'm sure some people inside Ford and Mazda know but they aren't talking. What we do know is that there are about 3 or 4 dozen threads on this forum talking about it, so it does happen enough that it's a real concern...