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  1. BWJ

    Clean 2021 CX-5 dash?

    I just use mild soap water.
  2. BWJ

    CX-5 DRL issue?

    There will still be light in the "eagle eyes" , same as mine.
  3. BWJ

    CX-5 Carbon Red Seat Color Fading

    Solution :
  4. BWJ

    Poor quality rotors?

    Front or rear?
  5. BWJ

    Repositioning Front License Plate

    Yep, if you don`t have parking sensors :-/
  6. BWJ

    2017~2021 CX-5 Borla Exhaust

    Is it a diesel engine :LOL:
  7. BWJ

    2021 CX-5 GTR - After 1 week/500 miles

    If you do these settings, it keeps the track.
  8. lane keep assist.PNG

    lane keep assist.PNG

  9. BWJ

    Stock Tire Life

    What is the 3 thing he put over every wheel last in video?
  10. BWJ

    Driver Attention Alert Warnings

    Driver alert warning is set to 1½ hour by default, can be set on/off in HMI under safety. Its just a "timer"
  11. BWJ

    Tried testing SCBS & SBS today

    An obvious test could be to let mother-in-law cross the road when you come driving :cool:
  12. BWJ

    Tried testing SCBS & SBS today

    System must have error/fault, mine brakes for bikes, cars, people and even to low traffic signs. It works as supposed.
  13. BWJ

    2017~2021 Start/Stop on CX-5

    Yes, I-Stop, - just tell why i like it and how i use it
  14. BWJ

    2017~2021 Start/Stop on CX-5

    I always use radar cruise control, and when traffic jams and start/stop strikes, its just to hit "resume" and then we go again :)
  15. BWJ

    2017~2021 Start/Stop on CX-5

    I'm glad my 2020 have that feature :cool:
  16. BWJ

    2017~2021 Start/Stop on CX-5

    if only you press brake soft, it will not shut-down.
  17. BWJ

    Moisture / water in tail lights (LED) 2020 CX-5

    Yes a week ago it was raining quite heavily and this is the first time they are misting. I mean having heard that the LED lights front and rear are sealed closed units, unlike other types of lights, therefore they need to be replaced if a light source goes on. Thx, for reply :)
  18. BWJ

    Moisture / water in tail lights (LED) 2020 CX-5

    What do you guys think about this water, in a 8 month old car? LED light.
  19. DSC_1135.JPG


  20. BWJ

    Instrumentation Wish

    I would rather have a feature that with a smiley shows the wife's mood when I get home